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Draft Trades
The 49ers have made a draft day trade with the Packers. The trade swaps the two teams second round picks moving the 49ers from 41 to 47, sends the 49ers 3rd rounder number 71 to the packers for their third rounder number 80 and another third rounder 82. The 49ers also send their fourth rounder number 105 and get a sixth rounder 179 and seventh rounder 222. The team now has three picks in round seven and nine in total.

As soon as the move was made it was obvious what the 49ers move would be. The 49ers sent their second third round pick, number 82 acquired from the Packers yesterday and swapped their first round picks. The 49ers also sent a seventh rounder acquired from the Packers number 222 overall and received sixth round pick (No. 191).


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Round Name Position Height Weight School
1 (7) Andre Carter DE 6'4 250 Cal
2 (47) Jamie Winborn LB 6'0 230 Vanderbilt
3 (80) Kevin Barlow RB 6'1 235 Pittsburgh
6 (169) Cedrick Wilson WR 5'9 180 Tennessee
6 (179) Rashad Holman CB 5'11 190 Louisville
6 (191) Menson Holloway DT 6'2 285 TEXAS-EL PASO
7 (209) Alex Lincoln LB 6'0 250 Auburn
7 (224) Eric Johnson TE 6'2 230 Yale
Rd. 5, lost pick due to salary cap ruling. Rd 6, pick traded last season to New England Rd 7, From Zelenka trade to Washington

Draftee Profiles:

The 49ers moved up two spots to jump ahead of Andre Carter. At defensive end, Carter is extremely explosive. He has an incredible vertical that show great lower body strength. A pure pass rusher, Carter will aid the 49ers defense greatly. He is expected to start immediately opposite of John Engelberger. Carter will also bring Bryant Young some help along the line. Walsh stated that "[Carter] was the man all along...He's lightyears ahead of many defensive lineman in the NFL today."
Andre Picture | Andre Picture

The 49ers second selection was Jamie Winborn. This young linebacker is a little short at only 6'0" bust is a great player.  Winborn played middle linebacker in college.  He is a class act with a great work ethic.  Has very good football instincts.  He's pretty quick for his size but makes decisions faster than most players.  Is a student of the game.  Will need some work in coverage circumstances.  Very smart, and has been seen at NFL practices getting tips.
Winborn Picture

The 49ers third pick filled their running back needs. Barlow is one of the most talented backs in this years draft class. He runs with power and authority, hitting the hole quickly despite a slower 40-time. He makes defenders miss, and can get down field, either by power, or elusiveness. He has good hands and is a willing blocker. Barlow does need to work on breaking tackles, improving his vision, and being more patient. Otherwise he provides a bunch of talent for what may be a bargain pick.
Barlow Picture

With their fourth pick, the 49ers went after a wide receiver who can also return kicks. Cederick Wilson is a small quick receiver who is tough, and willing to catch in a crowd.  He's a good blocker, even better considering his size, and have really quit feet.  He will likely be the guy the 9ers turn to when it comes to kick returns, but will face some competition from NFL Europe candidate Dwight Carter.

With their fifth pick, the second in round six the 49ers drafted Rashad Holman a cornerback.  Holman has good size and speed.  He's a slightly streaky player and the 49ers will try and harness his 'good days'.   Holman will likely be a back up along with third year players Anthony Parker this season.  He will see time on should see time in nickel and dime packages as well as special teams.

With the 49ers sixth pick, their final in round six the team selected Menson Holloway.  Holloway is a gifted athlete who has played several different positions before stabilizing in 2000 at defensive tackle.  As he learned the position he became a pretty good pass rusher.  He's quick off the snap, but is undersized for defensive tackle, and too short for defensive end.  He's essentially a project for the team, and some competition for Reggie McGrew and Cederick Killings.

The 49ers first pick in the seventh round was used on their second linebacker in the draft.  Needing immediate help and depth at this position, the 49ers drafted Alex Lincoln.  Lincoln is not the most talented football player, but gives you his "A" game every time he steps on the field.   He plays middle linebacker, and goes out trying to prove something on every play.  He's a self made man with loads of determination, and a great work ethic.  Has the attitude it takes to be a 49er.

The 49ers final selection of the draft was a tight end.  I was one of few people who felt the 49ers would draft a tight end, and Eric Johnson, the 49ers "Mr. Irrelevant" came through for me.  The 49ers need depth at the tight end position and Johnson should be able to provide them with that.  He will compete with Terrence Dupree and Justin Swift for a roster position.  He has good hands but lacks some speed and size.  Can play backup punter.




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