The 49ers Make Their First Move:- 04/21/2001
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Bill Walsh never sits still, it's that simple. The 49ers have just made a trade with the Packers that gives the 49ers a total of nine picks in the draft. The trade swaps the two teams second round picks moving the 49ers from 41 to 47, sends the 49ers 3rd rounder number 71 to the packers for their third rounder number 80 and another third rounder 82. The 49ers also send their fourth rounder number 105 and get a sixth rounder 179 and seventh rounder 222. The team now has three picks in round seven and nine in total.

With three picks in the seventh round the 49ers are likely going to try and make some move to get one pick in the fifth or fourth round, where they currently have none. The move could conceivably give the 49ers a fifth and seventh for three sevenths, or two sevenths and a six for a fourth and a seventh. Either of these moves would give the 49ers plenty of picks early in the draft and more opportunity to move and make more trades.

Bill Walsh is famous for his draft trades and this could be another great move to add to his long list of superlatives. The 49ers have desperately been searching for more picks in the draft to help them fill their needs. With nine picks now, and four in the first three rounds the team is in good shape to land a defensive end, linebacker, defensive tackle and running back all of whom could be contributors this coming season.

The 49ers could still attempt to trade down from the ninth pick, they have contacted several teams including, the Dolphins, Jets, and Broncos. The Broncos seemed to have been the most interested, but the 49ers may be hesitant to drop all the way to the 28th pick in the first round. Nevertheless, the thought of even more picks is quite intriguing.

The trade, made late Friday night will likely be the last move the 49ers make before the draft actually takes place, and possibly before the 49ers are on the clock for the number nine overall pick. The team has several players in mind for this pick should they be there when the team actually selects. The list includes linebacker Dan Morgan, defensive ends Andre Carter and Jamal Reynolds as well as running Deuce McAllister, defensive tackles Gerard Warren or Damione Lewis, and offensive tackle Leonard Davis.

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