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Welcome to The Draft Field a division of 49ers Paradise. The Draft Field is your one stop source for the ultimate in 49ers draft coverage. From positional analysis, inside rumours to real-time coverage and pictures of the draftees, The Draft Field has it all. Be sure to check back often to see what the 49ers intentions are in this off-season's draft.
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Defensive Ends--01/08/2000
A look at every pick in the draft courtesy of ESPN

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This years 49ers draftees:

Round Name Position Height Weight School
1^ Julian Peterson OLB  6-4"  240 lbs Michigan State
1^^ Ahmed Plummer DB 5'11" 191 Lbs Ohio State
2 John Engelberger  DE 6-4 1/4 260 Virginia Tech
2^ Jason Webster  DB  5'9"  180  Texas A&M
3 Giovanni Carmazzi QB   6'2"  222 lbs Hofstra 
3# Jeff Ulbrich ILB 6'0" and 1/8 245 Hawaii
4- John Keith  DB 6'0" 210  Furman
5 Paul Smith RB 5'10" 3/4 222 lbs Texas-El Paso
5! John Milem DE 6'7" 308 lbs Lenoir-Rhyne
7@ Tim Ratty QB 6'0" 3/8 215 lbs Louisiana Tech
7* Brian Jennings TE 6'5"  238 lbs  Arizone State
Rd. 1, pick 16 (16) from New England through N.Y. Jets; Rd. 1, pick 24 (24) from Washington; Rd. 2, pick 17 (48) from N.Y. Jets; Rd. 3, pick 24 (86) from Seattle; Rd. 4, pick 14 (108) from N.Y. Jets through Green Bay; Rd. 5, pick 21 (150) from Baltimore through Detroit through St. Louis through Chicago; Rd. 7, pick 6 (212) from Philadelphia through New England; Rd. 7, pick 24 (230) from Miami

Draftee Profiles:

At number 16 the 49ers drafted an outside linebacker who is always around the football. Julian Peterson (JP) of, Michigan State was, 6-4, 240. Julian is a big play man that can also play defensive end. He is aggressive and quick. His size allows him to make an impact on a defense, and is a great asset in breaking up runs. Peteson can drop into coverage and is a huge asset in the pass rush. Peterson will likely start for the 9ers, as he rounds out just four LBs on the current squad - Ken Norton JR., Winfred Tubbs, Anthony Peteson and now Julian. JP will likely be the man outside as Tubbs moves into the middle. This pick means Chad Pennington will likely not be a 9er, unless he falls into the second round where the 9ers may find it to hard to pass him over. Peterson runs a 4.6/40 with very good football instincts. He recorded 72 tackles, 25 for losses and, 11.5 sacks. JP is a little raw, but will benefit from full play time and will be a good asset to our defense. Many draft guru's were surprised to see Peterson fall this far and, Terry Donahue had this to say on Peterson: "It's a good start to help rebuild our defensive team".

With the 24th overall selection in the draft, and the 49ers second pick in the first round the 9ers elected defensive backAhmed Plummer. Plummer is 5'1" and weighs in at 191 lbs. He is the shortest CB the 49ers would consider, but has been measured up to 6'1" The addition of Plummer will allow the 9ers to solidify a defensive backfield that gave up 36 touchdowns last season. Plummer will likely start opposite Anthony Parker who was drafted last season. The 49ers are hopeing that Plummer will foollow in the footsteps of Ohio State alumnists, Shawn Springs and Antoine Winfield. Plummer is the type of player that wants to contribute and does so consistently. He had 14 intereceptions in his college career. This move shows that the 9ers serious about re-grouping on defense. Plummer is by many regarded as the top rated corner in the league, and will surely help the 9ers as they attempt to stop the strong passing Rams, and a Saint team that just aquired Jake Reed. Plummer is smart and athletic. He is a student of the game and posseses the intangibles necessary to make it at the next level. Plummer has above average speed, running a 4.5/40.

With their first pick in the second round the 49ers selected Virginia Tech defensive end John Engelberger. Engelberger is consistent and plays hard every down. Engelberger has the physical skills to be a good player at the NFL level but may not ever be a star player. Engleberger needs to improve foot work and make a conscience effort not to play up right. Engelberger has 4.5 speed and needs to show he can play at that speed, however he provides a solid rush off the end and may force Gabe Wilkins out of a job. ``This guy's got one of those motors you're looking for,'' 49ers Coach Steve Mariucci said. ``He flies around and works real hard.'' The 49ers continue to pick defense as they have one more pick in the second round.

With the 48th selection in the 2000 draft, the 49ers drafted their second defensive back, Jason Webster. Webster is small at only 5'9" but has blazing speed running a 4.4 / 40 and though the 9ers were not interested in someone so short Webster's special teams skills may have caught the 9ers eye. The 9ers will likely have Webster work hard on returning kicks, but Webster could see action in nickel and dime situations. Webster plays much bigger than he is, is a hard tackler and rarely misses a tackle, he also had 4 interceptions last season, and will compete for the nickel back position on the 9ers defense. Webster has a great work ethic and really good instincts, he is a good fit for corner, only a little short. This selection will help the 9ers defensive backfield, and raises more issues regarding current 49ers DB R.W. McQuarters.

After selecting 4 defensive players the 49ers opted to select only the second quarterback chosen in the 2000 draft, Hofstra QB, Giovanni Carmazzi. In Carmazzi the 49ers get a mobile QB, (4.7/40) that is big and has a strong arm. Carmazzi is a winner can make things happen. He is a student of the game, with high intelligence and smarts. He makes good decisions and leads the receiver with the ball. The 65th overall selection will surely help the 9ers in an area that has so much question, especially with the possible retirement of Steve Young. Carmazzi had 164 completions for 9371 yards and 71 TD's at Hofstra, and comes to a team that is strong in quarterback development. Carmazzi will not likely make an immediate impact but may see some action this season, and will push Jeff Garcia. The 49ers needed to draft a QB this year, and they drafted a good one in Carmazzi. Carmazzi has shown that he can have a quick release (1.9 seconds) but needs to make that a consistent time. He also has the ability to play in the shotgun or under centre, and should be a great pick for the 9ers. Carmazzi also had a 64% completion percentage. Barring a trade back into the third round, the 49ers should be done until tommorow morning.

The 49ers traded the 4th and 5th pick they aquired from Washinton earlier this off-season. With the 86th pick, their second in the third round the 9ers selected Jeff Ulbrich. Jeff is a 6 foot linebacker with 4.7 speed in the 40. All in all a very athletic linebacker with an eye for the quarterback. He's hard hitting and has a nose for the ball. On the down side he has a hard time getting to the quarterback. Nevertheless he does well in coverage, and will be a nice addition to the 49ers special teams, and when they rotate in a linebacker. A little stiff, but could be coached to eventually start in the league. ``He's 250 pounds of high-energy,'' said Mariucci. ``Who knows? Maybe he's another Matt Millen.''

After trading down to the 14th spot with Green Bay, the 49ers picked up another defensive back, John Keith. Keith has the size at 6'0", 210 lbs to make it in the NFL. He played well in '99, showing some big improvements. Keith seems to have lots of potential especially with his 4.5 speed. Keith missed most of the '98 season with a broken foot and hence should be able to improve given more time and coaching. Keith really does well against the run using his strength to break up plays. Last season he had three intereceptions. The 49ers continue to pick defensive backs after giving up 36 passing touchdowns last season. Keith played mostly safety in college, but the 9ers may be looking to move him over to defensive back. It looks like there will be lots of competition in this spot as training camp begins.

With the 132nd pick in this draft the 49ers opted for only their second offensive player, Paul Smith. Smith can be used at running back or fullback, and has shown good vision, and strength. He is a true North/South runner, and will help shore up a spot on the 49ers roster that has Garrison Hearst in doubt. Smith does a good job picking his hole, and exploding through it. Not used much in the passing game, but has shown good hands. If the 9ers are looking for him to play full back he will need to work a little on his blocking where he gets upright. Smith is a good player that has improved steadily over his college career. Smith has a slight history of knee injury (right medial collateral ligament sprain) that hindered him at the begining of the 1999 season.

In a trade with Chicago the 9ers aquired another fifth round pick, sending Chicago a 6th and 7th round pick. The 9ers went for yet another deffensive end with this pick, John Milem. Milem is a project at deffensive end. He is a strait rusher, and can clobber a quarterback but needs lots of work on his technique. Milem will likely serve as a backup in his first year, and does have the size to play any position along the line. He size also makes him tough against the run. Milem has a chance of making the squad, and though a project, could be rotated into the line to keep the defensive players fresh. Milem was the defensive captain of the Lenoir-Rhyne College football team, had 14 sacs and 22 tackles for losses.

The 49ers pulled off a trade with New England that allowed the 9ers to select their second quarterback of the draft, Tim Ratty. Ratty was rated quite high as a passer, and the 9ers drafting him signals that signing a veteran QB is almost completely out of question. Ratty has decent speed, and is quite poised as a QB. He will make the throw under pressure or on the run. He has the nice touch on the ball, and shows good judgment, smarts, and intangibles. Ratty is quick to pick up on defensive schemes, and is a good decision maker. In 1999 Ratty amassed 342 completions in 516 attempts for 3,922 yards 35 touchdowns and 12 INTs. Ratty is a little small of the QB position, and has needs to work on his deep ball, nevertheless can manage a team running a "West Coast Offense". Ratty will compete with Carmazzi as the two rookies enter training camp. The 49ers will likely carry 4 QBs on the roster this year, unless Steve Young retires. The drafting of two QBs puts the Rick Mirer rumours in question.

The 49ers final draft pick, their 10th of the 2000 draft, was tight end Brian Jennings. Jennings is only the 4th offensive player the 9ers chose in this draft. Normally this pick is considered irrelevant, but the 9ers needed to add depth to the tight end position, and Jennings should be able to help. Jennings is a good blocker that showed improvement in 1999 when he saw more playing time. He can also serve as a long snapper, but likely wont given the 9ers resigning of Joe Zelenka.
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