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Updated 4/02/01


Draft Speculation is running rampant as we get closer to April 21st. It turns out that Doug Flutie will be grooming Michael Vick in San Diego. The Chargers have signed 2 new cornerbacks and Buffalo castoff Marcellus Wiley. The defense is already better, so it looks like they are building the team for Vick himself. If Dilfer didn't have a great Defense, he doesn't win the Superbowl. I believe this is the same idea the chargers are following. The Browns signed Curtis Enis, the Bears 1998 #1 draft choice. We believe this paves the way for the Browns to draft Deuce McCallister as their everydown back. Enis will be a spot player OR the fullback for McCallister.

Draft trades:

The Seahawks and Packers have switched 1st round picks as part of the Hasselbeck trade. The Pack has the #10, while the Hawks have the # 7 and # 17.

The Rams and Titans have come to terms on the Kevin Carter deal. The Rams aquired the #29 pick in the 1st round for Carter.

Here is our 1st round prediction:
1. San Diego - QB- Michael Vick
IF the bolts keep the pick, they grab Vick...if they trade it,they only go down far enough to grab Tomlinson or McCallister, then grab a QB in 2002..a very deep class is coming out!

2. Green Bay-WR -David Terrell
The Pack makes a major move and trades up to grab the best WR in this class.
This may sound crazy, but imagine Terrell next to Freeman

3. Cleveland-RB Deuce McCallister
Clearly the top RB in this class. Homerun threat in the mold of EJ and Faulk. Will flourish in Butch Davis's system. The Browns will have at least 3 fantasy producers on offense this year

4. Cincinatti-T-Leonard Davis
We think the Bengals may trade down if they keep Cory Dillon. If Dillon leaves, they grab McCallister or possibly Bennett.

5. Atlanta-DE-Justin Smith
They may Take a chance with Koren Robinson, but we think Smith is the safer pick. They address the WR position in round 2

6. New England-OT- Kenyatta Walker
Its time to get Bledsoe some protection. 100 sacks in 2 years has gotta hurt.

7. Seattle (From Dallas)-WR-Koren Robinson. It's time to replace Joey Galloway and Robinson is Just as fast and has better hands than Galloway. This Kid is super talented, but a little immature. Holmgren expects hard work and dedication. Oil and water?

8. Chicago- RB - LaDainian Tomlinson
The Chicago Bears sent four people to see him workout on March 12th. I guess they are interested!!!!

9.San Francisco-DT-Richard Seymour
Defense wins championships. May trade down to aquire another pick.

10.Arizona-WR- Santana Moss
The Cards trade down and still land a big time talent.A perfect compliment to David Boston. They address defense in round #2

11.Carolina - RB- LaMont Jordon
He is supposedly a 2nd round talent, but we think he could be great!
Big time sleeper candidate Say adios to Biakabatuka

12.Kansas City - RB- Michael Bennett
Needs to prove he can catch the ball. Tomlinson goes here if he lasts this long.

13.Jacksonville-OG-Steve Hutchinson
Would team with Boselli to make Fred Taylor an MVP

14.Buffalo -DT- Shaun Rodgers
Need "D" to make a run at the title

15.Washington -WR-Rod Gardner
Could blow up next to Westbrook!

16.Pittsburgh -LB-Tommy Polley
Pittsburgh loves LB's

17.Seattle -LB- Dan Morgan
Morgan picks up the torch the"BOZ" was supposed to carry.

18.Detroit -CB - Fred Smoot
Millen will draft Defense..may be a little high for Smoot, but we have seen suprises happen before

19.Jets -WR- Chris Chambers
They Need a KJ replacement and Chambers would be a favorite target for Vinny in the red zone 45" verticle!

20.Rams -DT- Marcus Stroud
How did the Rams D get so bad in 1 year?

21.Tampa Bay -WR- Reggie Wayne
Will help Keyshawn tremendously.

22.Colts -DT-Willie Howard
Need D in Indy to get over the top

23.Saints -WR-Ken Yon Rambo
Another quality WR from Ohio State

24.Denver -TE - Todd Heap
Takes the pressure off Smith and McCaffery

25.Eagles -WR- Freddie Mitchell
They want Reggie Wayne, but will settle for whats left

26.Miami -OT Jeff Backus
Helps the offense in a big way

27.Minnesota -S-Derek Gibson
Best DB in the draft, and we know the Vikes need D!!!

28.Oakland -DT-Damoine Lewis
May see a suprise WR go here

29.St. Louis -LB-Torrance Marshall.
The Rams sent DE, Kevin Carter packing for this pick, now they add speed and aggressivness to their linbacking corps.

30.Giants -OT-Brandon Winey
Giants need to open up holes for Dayne and Barber..A.K.A Flubber and Lightening

31.Ravens -OT- Kareem McKenzie
We know they can't improve their Defense!!

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