Draft Day Two- 04/22/2001
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After a successful first day of the draft the 49ers enter Sunday with five remaining picks, none higher than the sixth round, where the team has three. The team is still looking to address several needs on both sides of the ball, and may look to trade up to get what they want.

The 49ers top needs now are kick returner, offensive line, linebacker and defensive back. The 49ers will likely hold off on the kicker until round seven, and if worst comes to worse address it the position in free agency.

The team won't likely be sitting around waiting for the sixth round though, Steve Mariucci informed media "We have a long wait until we pick tomorrow, so don't be surprised if we try and move up again." With three picks in the sixth round, it should be a possibility for the team to move up to even the fourth round. The player would likely have to be someone the team really covets for that to happen though.

Expect the 49ers to address the offensive line and linebacker positions first of all of the needs. Those are two areas that the team is lacking the most depth, however if the 49ers feel that there is a defensive back who would be a steal in the fourth or fifth round, they may go after him.

Day two of the draft should be just as exciting as the first. The 49ers are well on their way to rebuilding a winning team. This years draft group may be what either hinders or helps the team once again reach excellence.

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