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Welcome to The Draft Field a division of 49ers Paradise. The Draft Field is your one stop source for the ultimate in 49ers draft coverage. From positional analysis, inside rumours to real-time coverage and pictures of the draftees, The Draft Field has it all. Be sure to check back often to see what the 49ers intentions are in this off-season's draft. E-mail me

This years picks:

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1. With the 49ers first pick of this years draft, they traded up 3 spots with Miami, sending Miami their 27th pick and a fifth rounder, to aquire D.T. Reggie McGrew. McGrew is huge at 6-5 305 pounds and is really quick to running the 40 in 4.89 seconds. His agility and great size will make him a strong force in the middle, where he excells at stopping the run, and uses the speed to chase down QBs. His durability is a little in question, however he provides much needed depth on the line. Until Bryant Young comes back the 9ers may opt ot move Junior Bryant outside and play Buckner and McGrew inside. Overall a good pick that offers the 9ers much needed depth on the defensive line. He also allows the 9ers to move the players on the line around a lot in different situations.
2. The 49ers second pick came in the third round, where the selected another defesive lineman, this time an end, Chike Okeafor (6-4 , 255, 4.75) of Purdue. Okeafor is a converted line backer who has shown good instincts with 3 sacs in his final game, however he must keep his head screwed on right if he intends on making it in the NFL.
3. The 49ers traded down from the first pick in the fourth round 3 spots, where they drafted CB Anthony Parker. Parker is a big CB (6-0 5/8, 198, 4.45) who is a little raw around the edges. However he played excellently in two college all star games and has the potential to play as he did that game every game. He will most likely begin with the 49ers as a nickle back. His size is a great attribute, especially on the 9ers where they have a short defensive backfield. The 49ers also aquired a 6th round pick in the trade.
4. The 49ers traded into the 4th round sending Marc Edwards to the Browns, in exchange for the 15th pick in the 4th. Don't panic, they signed Tommy Vardell again! Here they picked up Pierson Prioleau, a safety. Priolea is small, but is a great athlete (5-10, 190, 4.51). Lacks great cover skills but is a hard hitter. Has a definate eye for the quarterback, and probably will back up Zack Bronson next season if Tim McDonald retires.
5. With the 49ers first pick in the fifth round the selected running back Terry Jackson (5-11, 220, 4.75). Jackson is a versatile player with quickness, he can play halfback, or fullback, and even dabbed a little as a line backer. He has good vision, and with the loss of Marc Edwards, will probably rival Fred Beasely for a spot on the team. He is a little prone to injury, but is a good blocker and could eventually develop into a starter for the 9ers.
6. With the 49ers second pick in the fifth round the drafted Tyrone Hopson an offensive lineman, (6-2 , 305, did not run). He is big enought to play for on the 49ers line, but most likely will just serve as a backup this season. Has the ability to pull, could improve if maximizes strenth, and works on keeping low and square.
7. With the 49ers first pick of the second round they selected WR Tai Streets (6-1 , 193, 4.45). Streets is fast, and has deceptive speed. He is strong and makes the big play. With all the wide outs on the 9ers team, it's a wonder they selected him, but definately a practise squad candidate. He has a blown knee though and will miss all of the 99-2000 season.
8. With their final pick the 49ers went back to defense, drafting line backer Kory Minor (6-0 3/8, 241, 4.7). Minor will add much needed depth to the linebacking squad. With Ken Norton's carear coming to a close soon, Minor may be able to step in soon. He is a little short, and needs working coming off the block, but he should be able to be coached into a starter.

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