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Pro Football's Mock Draft:
   Team Pick & Insight:
1. San Diego Chargers QB - Michael Vick - Virginia Tech
Vick is the number one pick in the draft unless he falls on his face in workouts. The Chargers may not want to take the chance on another QB, especially one not ready to start, but the trade value isn't too high with only Atlanta and Seattle in the market. If they did move down they would most likely be looking at RB Michael Bennett or Deuce McAllister depending on where they landed, as their running game was MIA. This pick is starting to look more and more look like a trade.
2. Arizona Cardinals DE - Jamal Reynolds - FSU
The Cardinals have more than enough needs this year. Their defensive line was a weak spot despite the big names, and it will take a hit in free agency. McGinnis will not be able to pass up the top defensive player in the draft. Reynolds is an excellent pass rusher and that is a big need. David Terrell will be hard to pass on, but their defense needs more help. They may also try and trade down 5-7 spots and pick Justin Smith or Andre Carter. This will be an early swing pick. The Cardinals could take David Terrell to team with David Boston, or any one six defensive players. They would be best served to trade down if they find someone who wants the pick enough. Reynolds and the other top defensive all are all over the boards yet.
3. Cleveland Browns WR - David Terrell - Michigan
Terrell is a big, strong, fast receiver that will get a lot of attention and possibly some trade offers. The Browns may be tempted to move down as this is a deep draft for receivers, but they will be wise to take Terrell to help get their offense on track this year and put a smile on Tim Couch's face. They would also like to get bigger on both the offensive and defensive line and they will be watching the workouts for a rising star as well.
4. Cincinnati Bengals OT - Leonard Davis - Texas
The Bengals have so many needs it may be wise to trade down if they get a good offer. Assuming they resign Corey Dillion, he needs some help and the 355 pound Davis opposite the 360 pound Willie Anderson would give them a pair of bookend tackles. Depending on the workouts OT Kenyatta Walker from Florida could figure in here as well. The defensive staff will be pushing for Jamal Reynolds to help get a pass rush, which would help their beleaguered cornerbacks. With John Jackson being resigned that could move them to the defensive side, but Davis should be the pick and work his way in behind Jackson who would be the top backup at both tackle spots.
5. Atlanta Falcons OT - Kenyatta Walker - Florida
The Falcons will look long and hard at QB Drew Brees, but their other needs will have to come first. With Bob Whitfield locked up on the left side Kenyatta Walker will be the answer on the right side for a long time to come. If they like Brees they may look to trade down to get him, or one of many other needs. The only other team looking at him Brees is Seattle, but the Falcons may also opt of Chris Weinke later on.
6. New England Patriots RB - Deuce McAllister - Ole Miss
The Patriots had no running game last year, and only looked good if compared to the Chargers and that was marginal. That brings two points into focus, the running backs and the line. Deuce McAllister is a back who can do it all, and while his stock could be slipping he is still a premier back. With the sad state of their offensive line they may be too tempted by either one of the tackles, but they can only do that if they believe J.R. Redmond will step up and that may be a stretch. The Patriots have drafted a lot of running backs since Curtis Martin left; it could be hard to pass up McAllister, a good workout by Michael Bennett could give them another option.
7. Seattle Seahawks WR - Koren Robinson - NC State
Mike Holmgren needs to add a receiver in this draft and with Robinson here he will have to take the receiver now and look to the defensive pick at #10. Gerard Warren is a playmaker inside that Holmgren will love, although depending on the off season moves he may opt to take him here and get the receiver next as Warren might not last until 10. Of there is the QB issue and whether the Seahawks will trade one of these picks for a QB or to move up for Michael Vick.
8. Chicago Bears DE - Justin Smith - Missouri
The Bears looked at receivers last year, but made the wise decision taking LB Brian Urlacher, who was the defensive rookie of the year. This year they want to take the receiver, but with the draft being a deep at receivers they can wait. The Bears should be able to get the receiver in the second round, however if Koren Robinson were on the board he may be too tempting. Justin Smith has a great motor and the Bears are lacking a big-time pass rusher. Looks like a good fit here.
9. San Francisco 49ers LB - Dan Morgan - Miami
This is the early consensus pick, which means it probably won't happen. But Morgan would be a great fit in San Francisco, where they still need to add youth and speed on defense. Morgan can play all three positions giving them options they need, and he is a slippery pass rusher. They also need a defensive end and may find one in their backyard, Cal's Andre Carter or Justin Smith who has a great motor. Bill Walsh has also mentioned a bigger tackle (against their tradition) and with Walker still on the board they may finally break down and take an offensive lineman in the first round, but don't count on it. Also Bill Walsh loves to trade down for picks and they lost one this year because of the salary cap violations. Later in the first round LB Quinton Caver could be a good pick.
10. Seattle Seahawks DT - Richard Seymour - Georgia
This will be a difficult pick for Seattle. They need to address their QB situation. If it's done through free agency they will look to DE or WR here. On defense Carter, Justin Smith, Marcus Stroud, or Shaun Rodgers all would fit. But with Seymour still available it will make Holmgren's decision easier. Seymour is a playmaker inside, the way Cortez Kennedy used to be.
11. Carolina Panthers DE - Andre Carter - Cal
Addressed the defensive line through free agency last year and got burned. This year they will turn to the draft and Carter is the defensive end still available. He has good size and is equally strong against the rush as he is a pass rusher. He will be a very good pick. With holes all over their offensive line it will be hard to pass up Kenyatta Walker if he's here, but if he has great workouts he will move up the board and be gone already. Michael Bennett would also be an option, but the Panthers have more pressing needs at the moment.
12. Kansas City Chiefs RB - Michael Bennett - Wisconsin
The Chiefs want to employ a Rams type of offense, a wide open approach. Michael Bennett has the speed that Dick Vermeil and Al Saunders like, and he proved at Wisconsin he can carry the load. The one question is his receiving skills. Not that he can't but he was never given the opportunity at Wisconsin. This will be important in the workouts for Bennett to show he has the ability. A defensive tackle will be tempting, but that may better be addressed in free agency. One other back to keep an eye on LaDanian Tomlinson who is moving back up the boards. If they go elsewhere for the back, the offensive line will get a hard look. Someone like Steve Hutchinson would be a great pick for the Chiefs line that will be going through some major changes.
13. Jacksonville Jaguars OG - Steve Hutchinson - Michigan
The Jaguars have a number of salary cap concerns that could make the draft day a little clearer after the fallout of the cuts. Offensive line was a concern and Steve Hutchinson could help. He can play either guard spot or possibly right tackle. That type of versatility is what the Jaguars need right now. He is a tough lineman who would help solidify the line. The Jaguars also need to improve the interior of the defensive line and Gerard Warren could be hard to pass up. He is big and strong, and still young. He needs to develop but the upside is worth the time. They will also look at Marcus Stroud and Texas DT Shaun Rodgers. Rodgers is a big tackle who won't be moved to easy, but there are some concerns about his weight. The Jaguars may also have their draft needs change because of the salary cap. They need to clear a lot of space and that could cost them some key players. The offensive line needs the help, but they hope to be able to keep enough of it together. A corner like Jamal Fletcher or Fred Smoot would be tempting.
14. Buffalo Bills CB - Jamar Fletcher - Wisconsin
The Bills have been adding to the secondary, but they don't appear to be done. Jamal Fletcher is a fast tight cover corner. He is used to big time matchups and will be able to step right in as a rookie. OT Kenyatta Walker or OG Steve Hutchinson would also help a weak offensive line, but both could be gone.
15. Washington Redskins WR - Rod Gardner - Clemson
The two areas the Redskins didn't focus on enough last year were kicker and wide receiver. This will likely be enhanced by free agency where their starting receivers for most of the year (Albert Connell and James Thrash) are both free agents. Michael Westbrook will be back, but they will need at least one or two young receivers this year. Expect them to address this need right away. This is a deep draft for receivers and although Daniel Snyder loves to make moves and get big names he doesn't have the ammo to trade up unless he wants to clear out some veteran players. Gardner is a solid receiver who is starting to show good field speed. A couple other receivers that could get a look here are Chris Chamber, Santana Moss, and Quincy Morgan.
16. Pittsburgh Steelers QB - Drew Brees - Purdue
Ah yes QB. Kordell Stewart is again the man, but Brees could be an interesting fit. He looks like a Cowher type of guy and could push Stewart without being a gigantic threat. It would be a risky pick if Stewart regains his form, but a risky pick is letting Stewart go into the season as your starter without a better option behind him than Kent Graham. The Steelers may also look to solidify their defense, and they may not be able to pass up CB Jamar Fletcher who is a great cover man. With how much the Steelers love linebackers they will also be very tempted by Quinton Caver, who is 6'5 and fast. The Steelers biggest need area is at wide receiver and with this being a deep draft they will be tempted to take another one, but with two first round wide receivers sitting on the bench already, they will wait until the later rounds for this.
17. Green Bay Packers DT - Gerard Warren - Florida;
The Packers have two big need areas this year, a defensive playmaker and a receiver. Ron Wolf isn't big on taking receivers in the first round, so defense should be first up. That being said the Packers may not be able to pass up WR Chad Johnson. He came out of nowhere and while he is short on experience, he makes big plays. However with Warren still available the Packers will need to take him. He is young, but is a force inside. The only question is if he'll work hard enough for it. The Packers bigger concern is at end, but with the top three off the boards Warren it is. They could also look at Tommy Polley or Quinton Caver. Both would improve their linebacker corp. Polley has a nose for the ball, but he won't be a threat in the pass rush where as Caver could. It isn't his forte, but he has the size and speed. At receiver Santana Moss has the speed the Packers need and is a very polished player who runs good routes, right up the Packers alley. The Packers also have QB Matt Hasselbeck on the trade block and may move up in the draft for the defensive player they want. If they do move up though it may not only be for an end, Dan Morgan has caught Ron Wolf's eye.
18. Detroit Lions CB - Fred Smoot - Mississippi State
The Lions need help at corner and Fred Smoot is the type of player Matt Millen will like. He talks a lot, but can back it up with his play. He is a physical corner with good size and speed. The Lions also need to address the offensive line. If Steve Hutchinson were still here he would be tempting. He is a local product, who can play all over the line, and has a great attitude for the trenches. They paid James Stewart a lot of money last year to run, and an improved offensive line will help. Injuries have been a big part, but can't be blamed for everything. A new infusion of attitude from CEO Matt Millen will also help. Dominic Raiola is also a possibility here.
19. New York Jets WR Chad Johnson - Oregon State
The Jets obviously need help at receiver they will have their choice of a few here. Chad Johnson has flown up the draft boards, and could be gone by the time the Jets pick. But if he's available the pick should be a bit easier. Johnson gets good separation from defenders and has very good hands. Santana Moss is another option. He is a very polished receiver who could step right into the mix for the Jets. He has good speed, but does lack height. If Johnson is gone and they opt for a taller receiver Reggie Wayne, Chris Chambers, and Quincy Morgan could vie for the spot, as well as Rod Gardner or Chad Johnson if they slip.
20. St. Louis Rams LB - Tommy Polley - Florida State
The Rams got slow on defense last year, and Polley is a quick and very smart linebacker. The Rams want to build the linebackers around London Fletcher; Polley would give them the second player who could be a fixture for years to come. He is instinctive and active, but undersized. LB Quinton Caver will also get a look, but Polley is the better fit. The Rams also need help in the secondary, Gary Baxter is a big corner who would matchup well with the big receivers in the NFC West.
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers OT - Jeff Backus - Michigan
This is a need for the Bucs. They did a lot last year to improve their offensive line, but focused on the interior spots. They need a tackle or two this year, and will go for Backus here. Backus was lost behind Steve Hutchinson and Maurice Williams earlier, but he has come on. He looks solid and ready to contribute. He can play on the left or right side giving the Bucs options. They will also look at the secondary where they find two Florida State playmakers. The Bucs like to draft from the home state, and both Derrick Gibson and Tay Cody are born playmakers. Cody's position in the draft will be determined by his workouts, but looks like a stretch here. Gibson is a possibility, and is an excellent center fielder. At corner another possibility is Nate Clements.
22. Indianapolis Colts DT - Marcus Stroud - Georgia
The Colts need to improve the front seven on defense that is for sure. Marcus Stroud has potential and is seen differently by different teams. He has the size to keep people occupied inside freeing up the linebackers. Cornelius Bennett is getting up there in years, and although the Colts have taken a few linebackers in the top two rounds the past couple of years, they will be tempted by Quinton Caver? He has impressive size at 6'5, and will be an impact player for the Colts. Shaun Rodgers is another option at tackle, and the Colts will also at least look at the receivers where they could use a solid option across from Marvin Harrison, but that will have to wait.
23. New Orleans Saints WR - Santana Moss - Miami
The Saints will have a lot of options here with receiver and corner at the top of the list. At receiver there are a number of them to choose from like Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Quincy Morgan, Chris Chambers, or any others that slip. Moss is a polish receiver with very good speed, who will be able to step in right away for the Saints. If Fred Smoot drops down, the Saints will grab him quickly. The NFC West loves to pass and with Smoot, opposing teams will have one less option. He is a physical corner with great cover skills. Looking for a different option here try a TE likely Todd Heap.
24. Denver Broncos TE - Alge Crumpler - North Carolina
The Broncos missed the "mouth" at TE, and although the trio put up good numbers they lacked the missed the main target. Crumpler can do it all and could take over the #1 TE spot allowing the other to add depth where they fit best. They would also like to se Jeff Backus here, a smaller lineman who would fit their system well, and they could use the help on the line as well. The Broncos have one of the best WR tandems in the league, but very little depth behind them. They would like to find a receiver to give them size and speed and may be tempted here.
25. Philadelphia Eagles WR - Quincy Morgan - Kansas State
The Eagles need playmakers on offense. Their receivers did very little most of the year, and Morgan will give them some big plays they need. He is a bit raw yet, and will drop some balls like their current group of receivers, but he can make it happen as well. Donovan McNabb deserves the help and he will get it this year. With Duce Staley coming off injury the Eagles could also look at backs. If James Jackson can put in a good 40 time, he will move up draft boards, and would be a great fit in Philly.
26. Miami Dolphins WR - Reggie Wayne - Miami
The Dolphins will likely lose Tony Martin or O.J. McDuffie this year, if not both (although Dave Wannstedt insists McDuffie will be back), so a wide receiver is at the top of the list. They will look at Reggie Wayne and Freddie Mitchell who have decent size and are both solid receivers. The offensive and defensive lines will get some attention as well. Much will depend on free agency (DEs Jason Taylor and Trace Armstrong) as to who they are looking at on the defensive side. On offense it may be time to get someone to develop behind Richmond Webb to take over possibly in a year.
27. Minnesota Vikings CB - Nate Clements - Ohio State
Clements is a solid cover guy with good size. He is used to big games and big receivers from the Big Ten, and while he may not be a marquee name in his career, he looks like a solid starter in the NFL for 10 years. They would be best to keep him as a nickel corner to start, rather than thrusting him into the starting lineup, but with the state of their corners that may not be possible. The Vikings would also like to add a linebacker, and speed would be a key. Brian Allen is an undersized but very fast linebacker who would be more appealing if the Vikings lost Dwayne Rudd to free agency.
28. Oakland Raiders LB - Quinton Caver - Arkansas
Quinton Caver is a big linebacker with good speed, and could be an excellent replacement for William Thomas in a year or so. He is full of potential, but is still a bit raw. He has the abiity to be a top linebacker in a year or two. The Raiders will also look at S Derrick Gibson, who loves to make plays. He has some off the field problems, but the Raiders have never been shy there. They will also get an inside scouting report from K Sebastian Janikowski who played with him last year at FSU. The secondary has talent, but was also exploited at times. Marquez Pope is on his way out and Gibson could be a star in the NFL. The Raiders will also be on the lookout for any wide receiver that drops down. Age is prominent in Oakland at receiver and last year's addition is so far into Jon Gruden's doghouse he may not even get a bone this year.
29. Tennessee Titans DT - Shaun Rodgers - Texas
The Titans will love the upside of this tackle. He didn't have a great senior year, but can be very disruptive inside for the Titans, and with all the big running backs in the AFC Central, line help is need. The Titans will also look at OG Steve Hutchinson as an eventual replacement for Bruce Matthews (logic says he can't play forever). Another spot that may become more of a need is cornerback if free agency does a number on them.
30. New York Giants CB - Gary Baxter - Baylor
The Giants need help at corner and will likely take the best available corner here. Baxter is a big physical corner who would fit in well in New York. He may need some time to develop, but can add depth right away. Another name to watch here is Willie Middlebrooks, who came out after his junior year and could move up the boards.
31. Baltimore Ravens S - Derrick Gibson - Florida State
Rod Woodson can't play forever and if Derrick Gibson is still available he could be a great replacement. He is a natural playmaker with incredible speed. The Ravens have a number of free agents on defense and LB Jamie Sharper tops the list. Caver is a big linebacker with good speed. He won't be ready to start right away for the Super Bowl champs, but he will contribute if he slips down. The Ravens also would like to upgrade the interior of their line and Dominic Raiola would be a great fit. He is a tough interior player who can play guard or center and will open more holes for Jamal Lewis. Strong safety Kim Herring is also a free agent and Adam Archuleta or Hakim Akbar could be a factor. Obviosuly there is a large group the Ravens are watching at the bottom of the first round. They will see where they go in free agency and earlier in the draft and go with the top player left on their board.
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