Draft The OL Position- 02/09/2000
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If Steve Young is ever going to play for the 49ers again, he will demand an offensive line that can protect him; and if the 49ers want to get their offense going again regardless of whose at quarterback, they need a line that can provide protection. Winning the battle in the trenches usually defines the victor of any football game, and if the 49ers want to get back on top of the NFL, this is one area that will need to improve. Last season the 49ers offensive line started off poorly but improved in the second half, the 9ers will be interested in upgrading the tackle position with a large, quick and agile tackle; however, the 49ers will almost certainly not use their 3rd overall pick to acquire an offensive lineman, it is possible though that they trade out of this position, and at that point take a top tackle.

Chris Samuels, Alabama Senior, 6-6, 290
Samuels has been touted the best lineman in the draft, and is surely the first one to be picked come draft day. Samuels has also expressed interest in the 49ers, unfortunately he may be out of reach unless the 49ers trade down. Samuels is athletic with great balance and has the potential to be one of the best in the league. He can also create big holes in the run game.

Chris McIntosh, Wisconsin Senior, 6-6, 310
McIntosh is a projected low first round pick, and is a great run blocker. He is also huge, and has the ability to pass block, but will need to work on this area, as he did not do much of it in college. McIntosh uses leverage to his advantage and is able to slide over when needed.

Marvel Smith, Arizona State Junior, 6-5, 310
Smith is a good blocker who also has good size. He is agile and can pull in pass blocking situations. Smith has all the tools necessary to make it in the NFL, in fact the only negative comment about Smith is that he could pick up his intensity. Smith is a natural pass blocker and that is a huge plus in what the 9ers are looking for. Smith is projected as a mid to low first round pick, the 9ers would be lucky if he is there in the second round.

Stockar McDougle, Oklahoma Senior, 6-5, 350
McDougle is a massive tackle that has the ability to completely shut down a defensive lineman. He is great at clearing big holes for the running back. McDougle could improve his pass protection as he works his way up into the next level.

Todd Wade, Mississippi Senior, 6-7, 320
Tood is another huge tackle that really has the ability to make it in the NFL. At 6-7 Wade sometimes has difficulty to get under the defensive lineman, but for the most part is explosive off the ball and can mirror a defensive lineman in pass blocking. Wade has all the tools to make it in the NFL, but could work on his agility.

Jonathan Gray 6-5 365 Texas Tech
Gray could be the heaviest tackle in this year’s draft, and at his weight still manages to be reasonably mobile. Though the 49ers usually look for tackles that our more mobile Gray is worth a look. Gray could work on his conditioning in order to compete at the next level.

Michael Thompson 6-4 287 5.12 Tennessee State
At only 287 pounds, Michael would be another little 49ers tackle if he were selected. However he shows all the abilities needed in pass blocking to make it at the next level, and is progressing steadily at run blocking. Provided Thompson can put on 20 pounds and remain agile, he could be a greater late round pick.
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