Undrafted Free Agents
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The Growing List of Undrafted Free Agents

LB Ronnie Nicks Notre Dame (RELEASED)
CB Lamar Grant from Duke (RELEASED)
CB Tracy Hart (SMU) (RELEASED)
WR Chafie Fields of Penn State  (RELEASED)
LB Jim Emanuel of Hofstra (RELEASED)
TE Joe Dean Davenport of Arkansas (RELEASED)
TE Terrence Dupree of Duke (RELEASED)
DL Cedric Killings of Carson-Newman (ROSTER SPOT)
OT Dan Goodspeed of Kent St. (RELEASED)
CB Drae Harris from California (RELEASED)
FB  Josh White of Claifornia (RELEASED)
DB Ronnie Heard (Miss.) (RELEASED)
RB Dyral McMillan (South Florida) (RELEASED)
DE Danny Scott (Louisiana-Lafayette) (RELEASED)
RB Griff Yates (Southern Oregon) (RELEASED)
DL Dustin Loveless (Northwestern) (RELEASED)
DL Daniel Benetka (Idaho) (RELEASED)
DT Tyrone Johnson (Florida A&M) (RELEASED)
DT Bo Barzilauskas  (Valdosta st) (RELEASED)
WR Dwight Carter (HAWAII)  (RELEASED)
WLB Miguel Merritt (ALABAMA)  (RELEASED)
RB Vaughn Sanders (HOFSTRA) (RELEASED) 
LB Al Rice (Mississippi) (RELEASED) (RELEASED)
WR Eric Chew (Mcneese State) (RELEASED)
WR Ricky Hall (Virginia Tech) (RELEASED)
WR Jermaine Arrington (Maryland) (RELEASED)
RB Jonas Lewis (San Diego State) (ROSTER SPOT)
DL James Brumbaugh (Auburn) (RELEASED)
DL Antonio Williams (South Carolina State) (RELEASED)
LB London Dunlap (Texas Christian)  (RELEASED)
LB Jake Michel (Northwestern State) (RELEASED)
LB Al Rice (Mississippi)  (RELEASED)
LB Brennen Swanson (Cal State Northridge)(RELEASED)
S  Michael Allen (Tennessee) (RELEASED)
P  Tom Parks (Mississippi State) (RELEASED)
DT Jimmy Brumbaugh (Auburn) (RELEASED)
DB Ryan Roques (UCLA) (RELEASED)
LB Ricky Smith (SW College Kansas) (RELEASED)
DL Nathaniel Bell (Southern) (RELEASED)
S  B.J. Williams (Northwestern State) (RELEASED)
DB Marcus Hill (Angelo State) (RELEASED)
DE Branon Vaughn (Tenn. Tech.) (RELEASED)
TE Trey Pennington (So. Carolina) (RELEASED)
DB Greg Payne (Arizona) (RELEASED)
LB Edward Thomas (ROSTER SPOT)
LB Jason Lamar (RELEASED)

49ers Paradise would like to thank everyone that helped compile this list.

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