49ers Paradise PDA Integration
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Access to 49ers Paradise on your PDA would all but be useless if the PDA features of the site were poorly integrated.  This section is designed so that you can make the most of the Mobile/PDA section of 49ers Paradise.

Why should I use the Mobile/PDA version of 49ers Paradise?
The Mobile/PDA section is designed to be much smaller in file size than the actual 49ers Paradise site.  It is designed to provide PDA users with the most up to date information at the lowest possible bandwidth.  By minimizing the file size of each page, this section is much quicker than the actual site, and fits nicely onto the screen of a PDA.  Most PDA's are limited in file size storage, and are not nearly as fast as the 'every day' computer.  The Mobile/PDA section of 49ers Paradise takes that into consideration in its design allowing you to take 49ers news with you, or browse through the latest articles while you are away from the computer via a mobile or wireless connection.

How should I use the Mobile/PDA section?
The use of this section depends greatly on the type of PDA you have.  Mainly though read and download the latest stories while on the go.  And even check the scores!
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The Mobile/PDA section allows you to view every article from the Hot Off The Press section without having to reload the main page of 49ers Paradise each time.  Saving you time, and expense if your are browsing from a mobile connection.  Important news flashes will also be added to this section.

The Mobile/PDA section is updated just as often as the main 49ers Paradise site, all day, everyday!