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The Palm Operating System is one of the most popular amongst PDA and Handsrping devices.  Answers to some of the questions regarding the interaction between the Mobile/PDA section of 49ers Paradise and the Palm OS can be found below

How do I download the exclusive articles?
There are three different ways to download the file pda.rtf each of which depends on the type of connection you have, and the software installed on your PDA.

The first method involves clicking on the link next to "Download today's exclusive articles:" on the home page of the Mobile/PDA section from your desktop or laptop computer.  A window will open asking you to save the file pda.rtf to your hard drive.  Click "Ok".  If your palm has the software on it to read rich text files (files with the extention.rtf) you can then synch the file with your palm in the same way you would any other file. 

If your palm does not support files with the .rtf extension, you will have to first open the file pda.rtf on your computer and then re-save the file as a text file (.txt extention) before syncing it with your palm.  This saving process should take no more than a few seconds.  (More on the compatibility of Palm software and rich text files below).

The third method, for those of you who have a web browser on your palm, and access to either a mobile, wireless or wired Internet connection, is to simply download the file directly to your palm, by browsing to the Mobile/PDA home page, and clicking on the file, again choose to save it.  To do this, you must have software installed on your palm to read rich text files.(More on the compatibility of Palm software and rich text files below).

Why Rich Text Files?
I have chosen to you the rich text file format for the downloadable version of the exclusive articles for several reasons.  The first is that a simple text file would not maintain the paragraph formatting of the articles and would also slightly complicate the downloading process.  The second is that rich text files can be read on PC, Mac or Linux operating systems.  The final reason is that RTF files are read by the Pocket PC operating system with no additional software and can be read by the Palm OS with a rich text reader.

Where can I get a rich text reader for Palms?
To get a rich text reader for the Palm handheld visit, from a regular computer the link below. the site also has in depth instructions on how to install and use the software (note that any software that allows you to read rich text files will work, you do not need to download this software if you already have a rich text reader installed on your Palm.)

email: with questions.