49ers Paradise PDA Pocket PC OS
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The Pocket PC Operating System works seamlessly with the Mobile/PDA section of 49ers Paradise.

How do I download the exclusive articles?
There are two different ways to download the file pda.rtf each of which depends on the type of connection you have.

The first method involves clicking on the link next to "Download today's exclusive articles:" on the home page of the Mobile/PDA section from your desktop or laptop computer.  A window will open asking you to save the file pda.rtf to your hard drive.  Click "Ok".  Once the file has saved you can then synch the file with your PDA in the same way you would any other file that you transfer from your hard drive to your PDA.  You can then read the file in "Pocket Word"

The second method, for those of you who have access to either a mobile, wireless or wired Internet connection, is to simply download the file directly to your Pocket Pc, by browsing to the Mobile/PDA home page, and clicking on the file, again choose to save it.  You can the read the file in "Pocket Word"

How Do I Add Mobile/PDA 49ers Paradise to my Pocket Internet Explorer Favorites?
Again there are several ways that this can be done depending on the type of connection you have.  Links can be designed to automatically download content to your PDA while you are connected to a main computer, or designed to allow you visit through a mobile or wireless connection without downloading the entire contents to your PDA.  My recommendation is to read the following from a regular computer, these pages will even teach you how to make 49ers Paradise the default page that Pocket Explorer opens to:
Working with Mobile Favorites
Pocket PC Overview
Pocket PC Step-By-Step
Although if you simply wish to add the favorite to your Pocket Internet Explorer Browser without having it automatically sync with the site you can do so by simply:
Visiting on your PDA.
Select the favorites icon from the bottom menu (it looks like two file folders) and choose "Add" on the following screen.

Some pages seem to fit very nicely into Pocket Internet Explorer, but others don't seem to fit right, what can I do?
Fixing this is very simple, Browse to any Web site tap "View" then "Fit to screen". From the "View" menue you can also change 'text size', which I recomend setting at anything smaller than "Larger" for best use with 49ers Paradise PDA/Mobile

email: with questions.