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2014 49ers Paradise Draft Field

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise Draft Field.  Your one stop location for NFL Draft 2014 News!  This page will be constantly updated and will include real-time updates on draft day.  Be sure to follow the draft directly from 49ers Paradise.

2014 PICKS
Rd Sel Ovr Player Pos School
1 30 30 Jimmie Ward DB Northern Illinois
2*A 24 56 Traded to Broncos
2*A 25 57*F Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State
2*G 29 61 Traded to Jacksonville
2*A*F 29 63 Traded to Miami from Denver
3*G 6 70 Marcus Martin C Southern California
3*B 13 77 Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin
3*I 30 94 Traded to Browns
3*C 36 100 Brandon Thomas OG Clemson
4*I 6 106 Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina
4 29 129 Dontae Johnson CB North Carolina State
5*G 10 150 Aaron Lynch DE South Florida
5 30 170 Keith Reaser CB Florida Atlantic
5*A*F 31 171 Traded to Miami from Denver
6*I 4 180 Kenneth Acker CB Southern Methodist
6*H 28 205 Traded to Jaguars
7*D 27 242 Traded to Broncos
7*E 28 243 Kaleb Ramsey DT Boston College
7 30 245 Trey Millard FB Oklahoma

A- Rd 2 56 overall. From Kansas City Chiefs for Alex Smith - traded to Broncos with Rd 7, #242 for Rd 2 #63, RD 5, #171 and a 2015 4th round pick
B- (2) 40 and (7) 216 in 2013 From Titans as well as a 2014 third-round pick for 49ers (2) 34. 2013
C- Compensatory Pick, for Dashon Goldson
D- For Parys Haralson
E- For Colin Jones
F- The Miami Dolphins trade Rd 2 #57 pick to the 49ers in exchange for Rd 2, #63 and Rd 5, #171.
G- Traded to Rd 2, #61 Ja Trade Information (Draft Pick Value Chart):

2014 49ers Draft Picks Profiles
49ers Paradise Exclusive Draft Coverage


Round 1, Pick 30
Jimmy Ward, 5'11", 193lbs , S, Northern Illinois

For the second consecutive year the 49ers selected a safety with their first round selection. Ward comes to the 49ers with a few possible purposes. He can play safety and challenge Bethea for a spot this year or next, he is insurance at that spot and for Eric Reid who is concussion prone. The 49ers may also play Ward in the slot in his rookie season to provide some stability to the position that Rogers was hit or miss in last season. He will contribute immediately. The 49ers have a history of selecting positions with a high success rate in the early rounds of the draft. Safety is certainly one of those positions.

Ward was one of the best defensive backs through his workouts. He has a natural instinct for the game and goes after the ball. Ward has a child and that could be something the 49ers thought was indiciative of his maturity level. He will have to add some bulk to stay competitive in the NFL, and work on getting off of blocks.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 2, Pick 57
Carlos Hyde, 6'0", 230lbs , RB, Ohio State

For the sixth consecutive year the 49ers selected a RB in the draft. This time around it came after a very confusing set of trades that saw the Niners trade #56 and #242 to the Broncos gaining #63 and #171 and a 2015 pick. They then moved back up to #57 with the a trade from the Dolphins for #63 and #171 essentially picking up a 2015 4th round pick - which if you recall the 49ers traded a 4th round pick to the Bills earlier today for Stevie Johnson. With the 57th pick the 49ers then selected Carlos Hyde before trading #61 overall to the Jaguars for #70 and #150.

Hyde has a checkered history. He was involved in an assault investigation in 2013 as a person of interest in a altercation with a woman at a bar. Charges were dropped, but he was suspended by OSU for 3 games. He also missed time on the field due to an academic issue. He came back and was a force both as a rusher and receiver. He averaged 7.3 yards a carry on the ground.

A downhill runner who plays very physical. He is good in short yardage and wears down opponents with his physical play. He's not a break away runner but that's not what the 49ers are drafting him for. The 49ers will look to Hyde to improve the short yardage game that has struggled heavily in recent years.

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Round 3, Pick 70
Marcus Martin, 6'3", 320lbs, C, Southern California

The 49ers add Martin to the offensive line. The team is trying to fill a need of Jonathan Goodwin departing. Kilgore will be an option to move from Guard but Martin will definitely compete at the position, and likely can gain the starting role either this year or next.

Martin is a true centre, but is recovering from a knee injury. He is very young at 20 years old. He plays with good size and has the head to play the position. Needs to work on strength and overall agility as he steps up to the next level.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 3, Pick 77
Chris Borland, 6'0", 248lbs, ILB, Wisconsin

The 49ers add ILB Chris Borland as insurance to Patrick Willis and Navorrow Bowman (who is returning from injury), and Willis who has struggled with missing time in the past few years. Borland is a tackling machine, who will have to transition to the 3-4 defense.

Borland really understand the game, and how to read offenses. He is determined to get to the ball, plays his position and assignments properly and rarely bites on fakes. His production has been phenomenal but he is not a specimen of an athlete. He's not super quick, but never gives up. This is going to be an interesting move to see how he can adjust to the 3-4.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 3, Pick 100
Brandon Thomas, 6'3", 317lbs, OG, Clemson

The 49ers have clearly identified the offensive line as an area for development if not this year than for next. That's good because the OL needs the help. Thomas was slated to be a first round pick before injurying his ACL. If that sounds familiar, it's because it is a typical Baalke trait to select a player or two or three who drops due to an injury at a position that the 49ers will be in need of in the next year or so. Bingo. That's Thomas.

Thomas has all the physical tools you would want in a guard. He has long arms and a good motor to fight on extended plays. The team will work with his leverage, agility, and anticipation in what will most likely be a year of rehab before he sees the field.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 4, Pick 106
Bruce Ellington, 5'9", 197lbs, WR, South Carolina

The addition of Stevie Johnson meant the Niners could take a pass on receiver until the final day of the draft. In Ellington the team gets a raw player who will have to grow as a route runner in the NFL. His hands, concentration, body control and physicality though make him a good option for the future of slot receiver on the club. Reality is that the team is now quite deep at receiver, and Ellinton is unlikely to get on the field much this season.

Ellington has the body control and quickness to make it in the NFL. He has a Stevie Johnson like way of running his routes now, that is plenty of freedom to improvise. It is unlikely he will be given that latitude in the NFL because NFL quarterbacks in general need to know where the receiver is going to go before the receiver makes their break.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 4, Pick 129
Dontae Johnson, 6'2", 200lbs, CB, North Carolina State

The 49ers add Johnson as they are seeking depth to rejuvenate the defensive backfield that has lost many players over the past few years. Johnson is versatile just like Jimmy Ward playing both safety and corner. He's fast, physical, and has a good feel for the game. Johnson also excels on special teams. Where he will need work is on his footwork and leverage. He's probably better suited for man coverage over zone.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 5, Pick 150
Aaron Lynch, 6'5", 249lbs, DE, North Carolina State

Pass rusher is one area the 49ers had not yet focussed on the draft, in Lynch they got a player with all the talent in the world, but may have a questionable work ethic. Lynch was dynamic on Notre Dame before transferring to NCS. This is a first round talent that may pan out if he can get his head straight. Highly explosive, and powerful. With all the focus the 49ers are putting on getting Aldon Smith's head straight, I wonder what they can do with Aaron Lynch.

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Round 5, Pick 170
Keith Reaser, 5'11", 189lbs, CB, Florida Atlantic

At cornerback the 49ers gain a player that is better in zone than man, but still capable at man coverage. Has experience on special teams as return too. Clearly the 49ers, are throwing some darts at the defensive backfield to see who will stick. Reaser is physical, but could stand to add some size. He will take a year on the IR, like the 49ers often do with rookies, to recover fully from an ACL injury. Good value at this pick if he can return from his injury. The big questions is whether he can regain his speed.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 180
Kenneth Acker, 6'0", 190bs, CB, Southern Methodist

Quite an athlete at cornerback. I love that he has a very explosive step to close on receivers as the ball is in the air. Effective returner and special teams player as well. Plays more zone than man, and as such his strength and physicality is questioned a bit.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 243
Kaleb Ramsey, 6'3", 293 lbs, DT, Boston College

The 49ers need to continue to invest in players who can be groomed at nose tackle, and Kaleb fits the mold. At 6'3", 293 lbs with room to grow Ramsey has a few skeletons in his closet including a team suspension and a left foot injury. He's reasonable value at this point in the draft. Very raw, but has the mold to growinto something.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 245
Trey Millard, 6'2", 247 lbs, FB, Oklahoma

The 49ers are one of the few teams that still use a traditional full back. Bruce Miller is solid in that role. Trey Miller may provide some camp legs, or maybe some push on special teams. Even with his versatility, toughness, and good hands he probably is not making the roster... As a blocker - the most important trait he remains in need of improvement as well.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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