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2007 49ers Paradise Draft Field

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise Draft Field.  Your one stop location for NFL Draft 2007 News!  This page will be constantly updated and will include real-time updates on draft day.  Be sure to follow the draft directly from 49ers Paradise.

2007 PICKS
Rd Sel Ovr Player Pos School
1 11 11 Patrick Willis ILB Mississippi
1 28 28 Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
3 12 76 Jason Hill WR Washington State
3 34 97 Ray McDonald DT Florida
4 5 104 Jay Moore DE Nebraska
4 27 126 Dashon Goldson FS Washington
4 36 135 Joe Cohen DT Florida
5 10 147 Tarell Brown CB Texas
6 12 186 Thomas Clayton RB Kansas State
Trade Information (Draft Pick Value Chart):
*28 Patriots #110 and 1st rd 2008
*97 Compensation for Julian Peterson
*104 Redskins Brandon Lloyd
*124 Jets Barlow, to Hawks
*126 Colts and 1st rd 2008 for #42
*135 Compensaton Andre Carter

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Round 6, Pick 147
Thomas Clayton, 5'10", RB, 218lbs, 4.62/40, Kansas State
The 49ers used their final pick to draft on another Senior Bowl player. Running back Thomas Clayton who has never lived up to expectations, or his physical size and ability. Clayton suffered a knee injury that coupled with some bad character kept him out for the second half of the 2006 season. Clayton has been convicted as a result of a 2005 incident for battery. He has all the physical tools, but really needs to develop mentally both on and off the field Issues with vision, second moves, and is not much of a cut back runner. Thomas will have to make a big impression on special teams to be a factor for the 49ers. This pick is very much a flyer for the team, who are very happy with Frank Gore, Michael Robinson and Maurice Hicks.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Kansas State Highlights- Apr 29/07 [SI]


Round 5, Pick 147
Tarell Brown, 5'11", CB, 192lbs, 4.53/40, Texas
The 49ers stepped out of their typical draft process drafting a "non-character guy". Brown would potentially have been a round two selection if not for some questions regarding his character. This pick can deliver a ton of value if the 49ers are able to reform his character a bit, and get him to buy into the system. A fifth round selection is not much to gamble for a player like this. Brown has lots of experience and is capable of being a shutdown corner he understands defense and how his role functions within the unit. Brown is also recovering from a foot injury which hindered part of his 2006 season. He has good body control and is capable of making plays on the ball.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Tarell Brown Video- Apr 29/07 [SI]


Round 4, Pick 135
Joe Cohen, 6'3", DL, 313lbs, 5.17/40, Florida
The 49ers were looking for a NT that could rotate with Aubrayo Franklin. Joe Cohen, selected at the end of the fourth round may be that man. Cohen is versatile and moves wel for a guy his size. He gets off the snap quickly and has a good initial burst of speed. Plays well with leverage, using his knees and trunk for power. He lacks some lateral mobility and will have to improve across the board to be a real factor on the team. With Franklin slated to start, the 49ers have the luxury of grooming Cohen into the position.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Jon Cohen Video- Apr 29/07 [SI]


Round 4, Pick 126
Dashon Goldson, 6'2", CB/FS, 195lbs, 4.69/40, Washington
The 49ers continued to draft defense in the fourth round with the selection of CB/S Dashon Goldson. Goldson moved to CB in 2006 where he was able to improve his footwork. The 49ers can use depth at both positions, and like the teams other choices his versatility will help him find a spot on the roster. He could be a good fit as a free safety where he can make use of his good skills in feeling out plays, taking angles, and making sure tackles. He will not be a starter in the 49er secondary which is set with Spencer, Harris, and Clements and corner. He likely will not beat out the teams safeties Lewis, Lewis, and Roman. He can be a stand out special teams tackler with his combination of size and speed.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Dashon Goldson Video- Apr 29/07 [SI]


Round 4, Pick 124
Seahawks Trade 49ers acquire Darrell Jackson for 4th round no. 124
The 49ers and Seattle Seahawks have agreed to an interconference trade. The 49ers receive veteran receiver Darrell Jackson in exchange for the 124th overall pick in the draft, acquired for Kevan Barlow last season. Jackson will immiediately compete for a top 2 spot with the team, and if he can remain healthy can be a very large contributor to the offense. This deal has been officially confirmed.


Round 4, Pick 104
Jay Moore, 6'5", DE/OLB, 276lbs, 4.74/40, Nebraska
The 49ers started day 2 off with another defensive player, selecting DE Jay Moore. Moore is another Senior Bowl player who had some sucess against Joe Staley (who the 49ers drafted on day 1). Moore will compete to bring a pass rushing threat to the team from the OLB position an area the 49ers have highlighted as a need this offseason. Moore is a well rounded and consisten up field pass rusher that delivers quite a bit of value to the 49ers at the start of round 4.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Jay Moore Video- Apr 29/07 [SI]


Round 3, Pick 97
Ray McDonald, 6'4", DE, 276lbs, 4.85/40, Florida
The 49ers evened out their offensive and defensive picks with the selection of defensive end Ray McDonald. In need of a pass rush and a true 3-4 end, the 49ers selection of McDonald can deliver a ton of value to the 49ers providing he is able to remain healthy. McDonald suffered two knee injuries in 2005, placing a bit of a question mark on a player that otherwise has a nose for the ball, and an ability to make plays from all over the field. Last season, the 49ers did their homework on Frank Gore who was also returning from multiple knee surgeries, and clearly the team is hoping that their evaluation was as thorough and as correct on McDonald.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Ray McDonald Video- Apr 28/07 [SI]


Round 3, Pick 76
Jason Hill, 6'1", WR, 204lbs, 4.35/40, Washington State
The 49ers used their first of two third round picks to draft receiver Jason Hill. Hill is considered very good value near the top of the third round. He will instantly compete for a top three spot on the teams depth chart, and that will mean tight competition between Hill, Williams, Battle, Lelie and perhaps Darrell Jackson if the trade with the Seahawks goes through.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Jason Hill Video- Apr 28/07 [SI]


Round 2, Pick 42
Colts Trade 49ers acquire 4th round no. 126 and first round 2008 pick
After trading away a fourth round pick this year, and the team's first round pick next year in order to draft Joe Staley, the 49ers struck another deal with the Patriots essentially returning them to their prior position.

The team sent the Colts the # 2nd round, No. 42 pick in exchange for a 4th round, No. 126 pick this year and a 2008 1st-round pick. The deal puts the 49er in a slightly worse position then they were in prior to the Staley trade, minus the second round pick.


Round 1, Pick 28
Joe Staley, 6'5", ILB, 302lbs, 4.7/40, Central Michigan
The 49ers traded back into the first round with the Patriots using their 4th round, 110 overall, and 1st round selection of 2008. The 49ers made the trade believing that their 1st round pick will be lower next season. The team had trageted Staley as being in their top 20, and they really felt that getting a quality tackle was a good way to use their pick. Staley will compete with Kwame Harris and Adam Snyder for a starting spot but will likely serve in backup role unless forced into action. The team is rumored to be interested in trading Snyder or Harris and the addition of Staley makes that more of a possibility. Mike Nolan however did reiterate that he feels good about Harris and Snyder.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Joe Staley Video- Apr 28/07 [SI]


Round 1, Pick 11
Patrick Willis, 6'1", ILB, 242lbs, 4.51/40, Mississipi
The 49ers got their man in the first round of the NFL Draft. The selection of ILB Patrick Willis is exactly what Mike Nolan had in mind to open the draft. A heavy offensive top 10 picks that kept Willis and a few others the team had highlighted on the board. But Nolan pulled the trigger on Willis, who he became enamored with at the Senior Bowl. In a post pick interview, Nolan said: "[Willis] will make an impact on 3rd down for sure...1st and 2nd down he'll compete." What the 49ers are really hoping for is Willis to become a key tackler who can elevate the front seven and compete with Derek Smith to start on the defensive line.

Patrick Willis has asked to where number 52. The LB is considered a character guy and has overcome a ton of adversity in his life, and is very much a "Yes sir" kind of player.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
Patrick Willis Video- Apr 28/07 [SI]


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