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49ers Round-by-Round Picks, Updated Live

Rd Sel Player Pos School
1 6 Vernon Davis TE Maryland
1 22 Manny Lawson OLB North Carolina State
3 84 Brandon Williams WR Wisconsin
4 100 Michael Robinson WR Penn State
5 140 Parys Haralson DE Tennessee
6 175 Delanie Walker WR Central Missouri State
6 192 Marcus Hudson FS North Carolina State
6 197 Melvin Oliver DE Louisiana State
7 254 Vickiel Vaughn FS Arkansas
*197 - Traded #213 and #236 to get 197
*3 - Trade from Washington for B. Lloyd
*7c - Compensation Pick
*1b - Trade with Broncos for 37th and 68th picks

2006 49ers Draft Picks Profiles

Round 1, Pick 6
Vernon Davis, 6'4", TE, 263lbs, 4.38/40, Maryland
Easily the top tight end in the draft, Davis is faster than most receivers, and has the size of a tight end. He has ability to catch the ball, and is an incredible athlete. Extremely dedicated and hard working, and goes after the ball. Davis is more of an asset as receiver than as a blocker, and could provide a quarterback with the safety net they need to succeed in the NFL. To compete at the pro level Davis should improve his blocking, and work to erase question marks about his on field production (he jumped up draft charts after a great workout). Davis has upside and is already a very talented player. He should make some team very happy. Davis leads this year’s group of very solid tight ends at the top of the draft. Although the entire group is strong, Davis is perceived to be head and shoulders above the rest.

Davis will automatically improve the 49ers offense. Providing he can live up to his potential he will give Alex Smith the safety blanket he needs to be succesful. Regarded as the top receiver and tight end in the draft, Davis will work along side Antonio Bryant and Arnaz Battle to give Smith the weapons he needs. Davis wepped openly when he was drafted by the team, and has said he has always wanted to be a 49ers, and has great respect for the team, and offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

#85 Vernon Davis Video- Apr 29/06 [YAHOO]
Round 1, Pick 22
Manny Lawson, 6’5”, LB, 241lbs, 4.43/40, North Carolina State
Lawson is coming from a good defense where he played with Mario Williams. Lawson is almost big enough to play defensive end in the 4-3, and could make an excellent pass rushing linebacker in a 3-4 system. He has great athletic ability and is very quick and agile. He is fast too, and certainly a player that will catch earlier attention in the drat. Lawson does need to add some muscle to contend at the pro level, but overall has solid technique and fundamentals.

The 49ers will be able to use Lawson in both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive sets. He will contribute as an outside linebacker and defensive end for the team. Lawson is a very fast defensive player and he should address a starting need that the 49rs had since the team lost Andre Carter and Julian Peterson. The 49ers are hoping that Lawson can really help the team get off the field on third downs. He can penetrate into the offensive backfield and cover players coming out of the backfield.

#99 Manny Lawson Video- Apr 29/06 [YAHOO]
Round 3, Pick 20 (84)
Brandon Williams, WR, 5'9.5", 179lbs, 4.52/40, Wisconsin
Williams is an undersized receiver, but extremely athletic. He has good hands and excells as a return specialist also. Perhaps his best asset is his consistent hands something the 49ers have lacked in the past. He is also pretty fast. He is agile and knows how to find soft spots in defense, or work back to the ball when needed. He uses his suroundings to his advantages, and despite being small is very aggressive when it comes to fighting for the ball.

With the 49ers Williams will have to work on his strength so that he can get off the line. Eventually the team will be looking for him to take on the third string receiving role. The team will hope he can add competition to the secondary receiving roles. He will compete with Derek Hamilton and Bryan Gilmore. Additionaly the team will be hoping Williams can be an asset in down field blocking

Brandon Williams Video- Apr 29/06 [YAHOO]
Round 4, Pick 3 (100)
Michael Robinson, WR, 6'1", 226lbs, 4.55/40, Penn State
Robinson is one of those pure atheltes, and while he played quarterback in college, he is likely to be a multi dimension player with the 49ers, working in at WR and RB too. He had exceptional post season workouts which really showed how good an athlete he is, but with the 49ers he will have to learn an all new position in order to even make the squad. He has fast feet, and explosive, and does not shy away from contact. He uses his hands well and knows how to make the big play. He has the strength and speed to be able to create separation.

Robinson is an intersting pick for the 49ers because of the team needs in other spots on the roster, and because it is not clear where Robinson will fit it. The 49ers usually take a flyer on an athlete like this but typically do so later in the draft. The team must believe Robinson is ready and willing to change positions, and may even try him at safety to see if he can be a ball hawk in that position. Robinson will also be a player the team looks to on special teams to complement Brandon Williams. Still, with needs in the defensive backfield and on both sides of the line, taking a pure athlete like Robinson may have been risky this early in the draft.

Michael Robinson Video - Apr 30/06 [YAHOO]
Round 5, Pick 7 (140)
Parys Haralson, DE/LB, 6'2", 248lbs, 4.8/40, Tennessee
Haralson is a very athletic tweener DE/LB. He was very productive in college at the end position, and uses his speed to defeat offensive tackles. He is deceptively strong, and can be used in a 3-4 or 4-3 system. To play defensive end in a 4-3 he will have to add some muscle and weight, which may also be expected to a lesser extent for the linebacker position. He is expected to make an immediate impact as a situational pass rusher in the NFL. No doubt Haralson's atleticism is what draws NFL eyes to him. He will attack the quaraterback and is very aggressive.

With the 49ers Haralson will probably work into either the LB or DE rotation depending on how quickly he adds weight. He is not likely to win a starting position in his first year. The 49ers will focus on improving his mechanics so he can get leverage advantages and avoid being pushed outside and be taken by low cut blocks. The team will also try and imrpove his burst off the line by strengthening his lower body. A very quick first step.

Parys Haralson Video - Apr 30/06 [YAHOO]
Round 6, Pick 6 (175)
Delanie Walker, WR, 6'1", 241 lbs, 4.62/40, Central Missouri State
Delanie Walker is a good athlete. He's pretty quick and fast and quite strong. He is the type of receiver who comes off the line with power and is not afarid to gove over the middle. He has also contributed in special teams. He can break tackles because of his strengthn and other phyiscal tools. He is a project at WR in the NFL, who will need to develop more consistency to complement his natural athleticism. His hands and consitency are by far the biggests issue for Walker entering the FNL.

Walker is the third WR type that the 49ers drafted this year, giving clear indication that Mike Nolan and staff either have other plans for the receivers they drafted, or are really not satisfied with the group the team currently has. Expect Walker to be in the thick of the competition at WR. This pick remains surprising considering the teams other needs.

Delanie Walker - Apr 30/06 [YAHOO]
Round 6, Pick 23 (192)
Marcus Hudson, DB, 6'1", 193lbs, 4.5/40, North Carolina State
In Hudson the 49ers finally addressed the defensive backfield. Hudson will likely get tried at both Corner and Safety, and allowed to develop wherever the team believes they need him more, or he excels at. He, like the other draft picks today is an all around great athlete. There is some question as to an injured knee that he is recovering from. He needs to really focus on maintaining his attack point when making tackles, and must learn to be a little more agressive. Hudson does have the speed to stay with most receivers.

It's some what puzlling that the 49ers took this long to address the defensive backfield. But in taking Hudson the team adds competition to a defensive backfield that was very thin last season. Hudson will compete with Johnson, Thornton and Harris. He is expected to be healthy and ready for the season, despite the injury at the senior bowl.

Marcus Hudson - Apr 30/06 [YAHOO]
Round 6, Pick 28 (197)
Melvin Oliver, DE, 6'3", 279 lbs, 5.10/40, Louisiana State
Oliver is a good athlete with quick feet and the good lateral mobility. He can shed blocks and accelerate quickly. He will often get around offensive lineman, but is not quite quick enough on the first step to be a pass rushing end. He has good strength and can make plays in space. He is a good fit for an end in a 3-4 defensive system. Some people had Oliver rated for an undrafted free agent. Solid in run support.

With the 49ers, Oliver will have to work on his mechanics and explosiveness. Added strength could make Oliver better at shedding blocks. Oliver will compete for a spot in the defensive line rotation, and has the versatility to play in both the 3-4 and 4-3. The team will likely use him more as a run stuffer than pass rusher. To get Oliver, the 49ers traded #213 and #236 for pick #197.

Melvin Oliver - Apr 30/06 [YAHOO]
Round 7, Pick 46 (254)
Vickiel Vaughn, DB, 6'3", 208lbs,4.63/40, Arkansa
A valuable player to his team, Vaughn joins the 49ers to compete in the defenisve backfield. A true athlete Vaugn is a capable safety and outside linebacker (and at times even WR). His size probably means that he will play either safety position in the NFL. Vaughn has good speed and decent size for the position. He has receoved from a full reconstructive knee surgery. Vaugn has a lot of potential to tap in the NFL.

With the 49ers Vaughn will compete to improve a defensive backfield that was in dire condition last year. He and fellow DB Marcus Hudson were clearly on the 49ers radar to improve the hurting position. The team needs Vaughn to improve his consistency. The team likes his speed and athletic ability.

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