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Draft Wrap Up
April 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
On paper it looks like the 49ers did exactly what they said they would in this years draft. The team's primary concern was to improve the defensive backfield. Their first pick, Mike Rumph will certainly do that. The team also picked two other defensive backs. The 49ers also had it in their heads that they needed to add depth at certain positions - and it seems that they were right and that those areas were addressed.

Although some of the 49ers draft picks were puzzling at the time, each one seems to fit into an area where they will actually see some play time. And thus it looks like the 49ers have indeed continued to improve their roster.

I still can't get over Mike Rumph, who I believe was a great pick for the team. I think second round pick Saleem Rasheed was a great pick for the 49ers too. Linebacker was clearly a need area despite the starters being set, and in Rasheed the 49ers got a great one.

Across the board the 49ers seemed quite happy too. Early reports from the position coaches have the team very excited about the prospects coming in from the draft. This final push may be exactly what the 49ers need to beat the Rams.

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