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Draft Positional Analysis QB
February 1st 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
While the 49ers are very happy with Jeff Garcia as their starting QB, they would have to be very foolish to stop looking for a future QB. Someone for after Garcia - and it seems, by their latest actions that they are indeed doing so. In the past week the 49ers signed Arena Leagueís Aaron Garcia who was easily the best QB in that league. So itís quite obvious that while the team isnít likely to go after a first round QB, they may look for one a little farther down the list.

This seasonís draft has a few quarterbacks that seem to have bright futures, but after the top - unless there is a sleeper out there Iím not aware of, the drop off in talent is rather significant. Thus I bring you the top five quarterbacks in this seasonís draft:

Top Five Quarterback Prospects
Joey Harrington Sr. 6'4" 215 4.8/40 Oregon
David Carr Sr. 6'3" 220 4.7/40 Fresno St.
Kurt Kittner Sr. 6'2" 210 4.9/40 Illinois
Rohan Davey Sr. 6'3" 240 4.8/40 LSU
Patrick Ramsey Sr. 6'3" 225 5.2/40 Tulane

Joey Harrington has all the physical tools and ability to become a top flight NFL quarterback. Although he isnít a speed demon by any means, he can scramble well enough to escape a rush and always looks to pass first, scramble second. Harrington elevates the play of those around him and thatís one distinguishes him from the rest of the pack. Heís never out of a game, and despite not having a rocket for an arm should not have any problem making any thrown in the NFL. Still needs to learn to play within his abilities and not try to do to much. He is a fundamentally sound quarterback that runs through his progressions well, and has great touch and accuracy on the ball.

David Carr is a more athletic quarterback then Harrington, and can make some plays simply based on his athleticism. Heís a very accurate quarterback who does not make many big mistakes. Carr uses his athletic ability in the pocket to confuse defenses and buy time so he can find the open man. He does however sometimes stay with one receiver too long before checking down in his progressions. Carr is a good leader, with good instincts and immeasurables. Likely a good fit in a West Coast Offense system.

Kurt Kittner has some great ability but hits hot and cold streaks. He is an intelligent, experienced passer that allows him to make quick reads. Is very accurate and knows how to look off defenders. Kittner is a classic passer, dropping back and scanning the field well with sound fundamentals. Throws the ball deceivingly fast and on target, but still is able to throw the touch pass. Should have no problem making NFL type throws. Kittner usually starts off slowly and gets progressively better as the game goes on. He is not the type to make people miss in the backfield but is cool under a pass rush. Likely will develop in to a consistent good quarterback, but isnít likely to be a superstar.

Rohan Davey is a strong quarterback who is atypical. Not truly an athletic type and not really a drop back passer, Davey gets the job done by inspiring elevated play of his team mates, and getting the ball into their hands. He is a streaky quarterback that can hit cold spots. Has been injury prone in the past, with back problems a torn ACL and chronic sprained ankles. Has a certain something about him that makes him a great quarterback - one of those intangibles that doesnít show up in the statistics. He will definitely benefit from improved coaching at the higher level.

Patrick Ramsey is a hard worker, with a good arm and intelligence. Also has good strength and has played up to 235 lbs. He gets consistently better and is a rather accurate passer. Sometimes will force passes that lead to mistakes. Is good at reading defenses. Not very mechanically sounds but has a good arm. Ramsey has little mobility and is a pocket passer who does very little to avoid the pass rush. The type of quarterback who if surrounded by talent will keep a team in it, but donít look for him to win it for you unless he improves mechanics through his great dedication to the game.

This years crop of quarterbacks is not as rich as it has been the past three years or so, but Harrington and Carr are excellent players that should make two NFL teams very happy. All the candidates would benefit greatly from being behind a veteran for a season or two before seeing the spotlight.

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