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Terry Donahue Passes Final Exam
April 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Turns out Donahue wasn't the only person writing an exam this week. I happened to have one in a computer science course, but with that behind me, and the draft behind Donahue, well I think it's about time we saw results, don't you?

It looks that Donahue has continued the 49ers great off-season with this draft. The 49ers first two selections Mike Rumph and Saleem Rasheed look like they can really help the team. And while I generally don't start predicting players performances without seeing them in the NFL, I really think Donahue did a good job in his first draft with the team.

Despite the questioning of some of the draft picks, like a kicker in the fourth round, the truth of the matter is, every player Donahue drafted has the potential of making this years team. Each one looks like it will upgrade a position - not necessarily with starters, but with guys who can make the difference in back up roles.

Along with continuing to improve the overall team speed, Donahue and company continued to draft "character players". The men the 49ers drafted were for the most part guys who were mature, and well rounded academically. They should fit right in with the current upstanding citizens on the 49ers roster.

So until the draft picks actually take the field, either in practice or on game day, we wont really know how well Donahue did on his final. But if the excitement around 49ers headquarters means anything Donahue may just be "OnARoll".

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