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49ers Get Ready For Day 2
April 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Welcome to the second day of the NFL draft. Today the 49ers currently hold six picks, three of which can not be traded because they are compensation for some of last year's free agent losses. With the first day selections of Mike Rumph and Saleem Rasheed the 49ers filled two needs, one at cornerback and the other at linebacker. In today's final four rounds, the 49ers will look to add depth at some other positions including receiver, offensive and defensive lines and possibly more help in the defensive backfield or at linebacker.

The 49ers will begin the day of early with the 102nd pick in the draft. The 49ers have two picks in the fourth round any may continue to deal up some of it's other picks in order to arrive at more fourth and fifth rounders. The 49ers can afford to give up a little quantity in order to add quality - as the squad of 2002 will be hard enough to make for the higher round picks.

With the signing of JJ Stokes to a new contract, apparently two years, the need for receiver has been reduced, still the 49ers may look for one early in the second day. Don't expect the 49ers to avoid the offensive line on this day either. Although the team addressed a key area via free agency, it needs depth and will be looking to groom some guys to take over in the next few years. The 49ers offensive line picks of recent history have not been very successful with Jeremy Newberry being the lone exception.

With a total of eight picks still to come for the 49ers expect an incredibly busy second day. The team is bound to continue to trade, and now has the flexibility to move up in the draft to land some of the mid-round guys it was targeting. Should make for a very interesting Sunday.

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