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49ers Chat With Draft Guru Colin Lindsay - Transcribed By Bryan Hersh

THIS CONTENT IS COPYWRITED, REDISTRIBUTION OF IT (including copy/pasting it to a message board, forum or bbs) IS PROHIBITED AND COULD RESULT IN LEGAL ACTIONS - feel free to quote up to 1 paragraph providing a source link to http://www.49ersparadise.com is included

Below please find the transcript of the 49ers Paradise / Webzone chat with Colin Lindsay from GBNReport on March 22nd. I would like to first express deep gratitude to Colin for his willingess to participate in this chat, and his professionalism. I look forward to working with him in the future. I want to thank David (Webzone) for helping to publicize the chat, and of course NTodd for being the brains behind the operation and his assistance with moderating the forum. A copy of this transcript will be available in the Admin and Corner messages at 49ers Paradise for those of you wishing to respond. In addition the remaining questions have been sent to Colin.

*** cl has joined #49ersfootball.
bryan-49ersparadise: Hey!
bryan-49ersparadise: welcome Colin!
bryan-49ersparadise: Great to have you with us

cl: Wow...I've arrived; must be the codename
cl: My apologies for being late however as I tell people Ia m a football guy not a techie,

NinerStorm-Webzone: Welcome Colin

cl: Yes please go ahead

who are we takeing #1
Id love your opinion on A. Rodgers
cl: Certainly the buzz around the NFL these days is that Rdgers is the 49rs guy

why is it Rodgers?
cl: I like him as a player but there has to be a real question whether he's worth the #1 pick

overall; last year he probably would not have been more than the 4-5 QB selected

cl: Rodgers is close to Rivers in many regards but is awfully short and as you say lacks the real arm strength. What he has those is terrifiv football instincts and a very accurate arm

cl: If it were up to me I might take Smith who I see as having a bigger upside that Rodgers; better athlete and stronger arm; Rodgesr though has the intangibles and the experience

doesnt rodgers have a better arm than smith
cl: no Smith has the stroner arm, but Rodgers probably has the quicker relaese amd is more accurate; they are awfully close in terms of skill though

Smith has the stronger arm...doesn't this go against what most draft sites are saying?
cl: I don't pay much attention to what other sites say; what Smith throw the ball on tape and what you see are darts! the real key for QBs is being able to read the field and getting the ball off quickly and accurately

Does Rodgers compare to Eli Manning
cl: Personnaly I think Rodgers compared to JP Losman last year...just my opinion

Between Smith and Rodgers who has a better mind for the game. Reading defense and so forth. Can Smith throw the 15 yard out better than rodgers?
cl: Re Losman...I refer to his grade not necessarily style...Re the two QBs Rodgers has a terrific football mind, gets rid of the ball quickly and is super accurate

why wouldnt rogers grade out better than rivers? Doesnt he have better arm and better throwing motion?Or even better are the rumors about his lack of arm strength true?Is Smith the better prospect in the long run?
cl: it's really tough grading QBs; I don't believe people feel that Rodgers has a particularly strong arm at all but its strong enough given the other intangibles he has; Rivers was a hard guy to evaluate because of the odd mechanics but once everyone figured that wasn't going to be a problem he graded out very high becuaes he had the quickest release and most accurate arm a lot of people had sen in a long while

You'll love this next one then: qb's that we can't pass on in round 2-3 Frye, Campbell, Adrian M.?
cl: If I am the 49ers and I passed on a QB in Rd 1 I'd certainly pass again later in this draft and wait until next year for Leinart or a free agent. This is not a real strong QB class

Think we move the pick and take Merriman or D.J. in the 1st and Frye 2nd round?
cl: that would be interesting but I doubt that it happens because there are just no players in this drft worth moving up to the #1 spot for

Could the 49ers wait a year to draft a QB?
cl: that's a perfectly legitimate option. the thing about next year is that other than Leinart and maybe Omar Jacobs of Bowling Green it could be an even worse year at QB

who do 'You' think the niners should take?
cl: Bryan..I am not sure I'd be taking either Smith or Rodgers because I am not sold on them as top eliet prospects...the 49ers have lots of holes and I'd be tempted to take one of the WRs and get my QB another way down the road. This is a major rebuilding job the 49ers have and I wouldn't want to force things

Think we move the pick and take Merriman or D.J. in the 1st and Frye 2nd round?
cl: The 49ers I suspect would love to trade the pick but its unlikely they'll find anyone to take it

off their hands cl: This is a funny draft and its unlikely any of the top 5 or so playesr this year would have been top 5ers last year

Any Serious Possibility that the Niners trade out of #1?
cl: Certainly the buzz around the NFL these days is that Rdgers is the 49rs guy

How bout'the receivers do they rate next to last years crop?
cl: Think of Mike Williams who is being considered as the #1 player this year but was barely in the top 10 last year

cl: The WRs are pretty good this year again but won't have the depth of last year's group.

Evan Mathis too good to be true? or Real Deal
cl: Mathis is a good player who tested out very well; is probably a little overated because of that

do you see braylon edwards as a smokescreen for the niners to possibly attempt to move off the top pick? if the 49ers took braylon edwards #1 would that be a good choice for them
cl: If the 49ers were to move the pick it would becuase someone wanted either Edwards or Williams but I just don't see anyone moving up to get them at #1

Do you think Shaun Cody will be available as the #33 pick?
cl: No he looks like a 15-20 type player

Who is the best player likely to fall to the 2nd round?
cl: a guy like Matt Roth of Iowa could drop because there are other DEs out; there are also some 'sleepe' top guys like Luis Castillo and Fabian Washington who could still be there in Rd 2 ...same for Marlin Jackson is his pro day speed is for realr cl: Hard to see troy Williamson slipping through to the second round...at WR you'd probbaly be looking at a Reggie Brown or Matt Jones at 33

what do you think of brandon browner's potential in the nfl?
cl: Re: Browner...tough call; looks like he should be a star but really isn't fast enough to be a CB

cl: Re Browner plus there are some real concerns about maturity and character Justin tuck could he transition to a OLB?
cl: he'd be a nice player at #33 however he's more of a true 4-3 DT and its not clear where he'd fit in a 3-4

What do you think of Jones?
cl: Jones would be a boom or bust guy there but watch for someone like the eagles or Patriots to try and look smart by taking him late first

How bout'the receivers do they rate next to last years crop?
cl: I think they'd be closer; Fitzgerald and Williams would still have been 1-2 but Edwards might have been a close 3rd and Mike Williams 4th but they would have been top 10ers last year; I really don't think either of the QBs would have been

I thought the buzz was after the combine, alot of players stocks rose?
cl: Bryan: A lot of players stocks did but there really still is a very poorly defined top 10 this year...what this draft does have is plenty of depth especially at positions like CB, WR and DE bryan-49ersparadise: fair enough on it being a funny draft - is it stronger overall though? and who should be #1? cl: I don't this year's draft is quite as astrong as last year's but last year's was exceptional. As far as who is #1 take 5 teams and ask who is #1 and the two QBs, Edwards and Williams and Ronnie Brown would all get a vote; there really isn't a typical top rated guy so far this year

Who is the best player in this draft?
cl: Bryan...there really isnt a clear #1

Were you at the Senior Bowl
cl: I was indeed at the Senior Bowl; what a hoot!!

Could he comment on any of the rb's in this draft..specifically Alvin Pearman
cl: Bryan...RB is another strong position at this year's draft; I'm not huge fans of either guy at least as a top pick; Moats is smallish without a whole lot of power; Pearman will be a useful pro as a backup and return guy but isn't super fast

What do you think of DJ
cl: Boss...might be an idea but nobody else wants the #1 pick; DJ is one of our favorite players but I am not sure you want to pay him top 5 type money; If I went D it would be for a guy who can rush the passer like Merriman

who do you think will have a better career in the pro? Cedrick Benson or Ronnie Brown
cl: Brown; Benson is another head case who is going to drive his coaches crazy...Brown has a chance to be a very good pro; big, tough, very physical, plus a great receiver who goes hard all the time! cl: In fact had the 49ers not reupped Barlow he (Brown) would have made some sense at #1

Is it a lack of measurable talent in this draft or just a case of players not being over-hyped that would cause you to label it a 'funny' draft?
cl: Bryan: I think Mike Williams is the proof; last year he was barely a top 10 prospect; this year he's one of the 2-3 best players available

what do you think of marion barber many people don;t realize he is bigger than cedric benson, he tested out real well, might he slip into the first round??
cl: Yeah we like Barber a lot although not quite that much; good back with some return skills but he's not overly agile or quick; would be a nice player if he was still there early in the third

Are there any free saftey's that will be around at the top of round 3 that would be worth it?
cl: Its not a great year for FS but Bullocks would be a good pick there; he's a great ball hawker with surprising speed; of note we have had the 49ers taking Pool of Oklahoma in a couple of our mocks at #33. We'd prefer a DL there but in those mocks didn't see the kind of 3-4 DE were looking for

what is your ideal 1st 3 rds for the 49ers
cl: If they take a QB I'd like to see them get a DL at #2 and safety at #3 or vice versa

if you have any players that would be awesome, if not, I'll post another q
cl: Bryan...Luis Castillo would be an awesome pick there altho as a I say he doesn't necessarily fit the 3-4 mold...Bullocks at 3 would be go as would a WR like Courtney Roby

cl: A coupele of guys to consider at #3 who would be good fits in the 3-4 would be Virginia DE Chris Canty or Jovan Haye of Vandy a real prototype 3-4 DE

cl: I am not a big believer in talking positions; teams ultimately draft players but looking at the 49ers I would rank QB #1 followed by CB and RB in that group

kahliff barnes do you see him maybe being this years levi jones?
cl: Bryan...intereting comparison; certainly is possibel; watched a lot of KB at the Senior Bowl; he was one of the most athletic OL there and would dominate at times but then would just lose his guy...very inconsistent, but certianly the athletic talent is there

cl: Overall its not a good year for OTs; some decent OGs though

What do you think of Elton Brown and his supposed work ethic issues?
cl: Bryan; Great question I ahve no idea; I think his disappearing act this winter has been more about a knee injury but he does have weight concerns. Nice player but I'd look elsewhere if I was rebuilding

Is this the worst safety class you^`2019ve seen in a few years? It seems like the drop-off from 1 to 2 is steep
cl: Niners...its the worst safety class I've ever seen period! Still you can always sometimes find a player or two even in bad years

Do you see an Elton Brown being there in the top of the 2nd.
cl: Bryan...Given the questions I would think he'd be there although the Eagles might give him a sniff

Vincent Jackson...real deal? or no? Is vincent jackson also a possibility for the Niners?
cl: We really like VJ; great size and pretty good athletism but very raw. Certainlu worth a long look if he was there at #65; you'd be adding another inexperienced player to an already very inexpereinced WR group

What pick in the top 5/10 do you think could shock people?
cl: Merriman! I think someone may take a shot at him earlier than say 10-11 where he's now projected to go

kahliff has looked good in the senior bowl practice and combine but in games he has struggled for examople he gave up 5 sacks to jorge cordova... and why the inconsistency
cl: Bryan: Have no idea; lack of concentration maybe

Miami grabbing a QB!!
cl: NinerZ..its looks like Miami will go RB...Cleveland could be the real key at #3

Do you think the 9ers will sign Boston? Does that impact their draft?
cl: Bryan...Boston strikes me as a real short term answer and I wouldn't be changing my draft strategy much if they did sign him...

What will happen with Chris henry, he has randy moss like ability, where will he go
cl: Henry is one of those million dollar talents, 5 cent brain guys...probably will go late second or early third

Best D tackle or DE we are like to draft, and what round?
cl: I don't think I am the only one who sees a bit of LT (our Lawrence Taylor) in Merriman. Would he be a good fit with another free lance type in Peterson on the other sideerson

Will the Niners take a kicker in this draft?
cl: Might take one late for camp competition but other tahn maybe Nugent, Colquitt and the Boise guy its not a great year for K/Ps

can Fabian Washington be a great corner in the NFL or overhyped due to workout?
cl: Good question; based on a very good frosh and soph seasons - he struggled a bit in 2004 - I think he could be the real deal.

cl: I wonder if I could take 2-3 more questions; have a 7 am radio interview romorrow

Ok, last one CL. We really really really appreciate your time being here. If you wouldn't mind I have a list of questions I can send you that were not answered, and you, if you like could answer them on your own time?

What do you think of the 49ers 2004 draft
cl: The 49ers 2004 draft had to be a tad disappointing. Spencer was a steal and I belive Sopoaga will eventually be good player but they really didn't get much help from a great draft

Great... please see above. I can't tell you happy we are that you were able to come in here and talk with us, and hope we can do it again some time
cl: No problem with that Bryan. I'd also be more than happy to come back (and I promise to be on time) closer to the draft

NinerStorm-Webzone: Thank you Colin

cl: Take care guys and as I say I will try and get back just before the draft...cheers

bryan-49ersparadise: cheers cl. take care

*** cl has signed off IRC (Web Browser closed).
Below, please find questions that were asked, but that Colin did not have a chance to reply to too. can anttaj hawthorne is a 3-4 defense and will he be available at #33 as he is seen to be falling?

Does Frye remind anyone of this year's Roethlisberger?

Your feelings on Chris Henry Attitude and all

'what positions should we address round-by-round?' my idea would be QB, CB or S, RB, DL, OL, WR

Who will be this years Mr. Irrellavant?

Who will the Niners take in rounds 3, 4?

How do you feel about Darren Sproles and will the Niners consider him?

what about us trading julian peterson and picking up derrick johnson

Is jj Arrington a possibility for the NInes?

Might we take one of the top 3 and immedietley trade them?

will brodney pool be available in the 2nd round? would it be smarter to try mike rumph at FS or draft a player like Pool?

What moves might Nol. make that will shock us ALL?

what do u think about stefan lefors? Do you think he can make it in the pros

How many picks will we end up with when it's over with?

Is there a current player in the NFL who you could compare David Bass to?

On the 'curse of tedford'. do you think its should play any part in the 49ers deciscion on rodgers?

where will our "primary focus" be on offense or the D?

With the 3-4 coming and Andre Carter's coming up on a contract year should we grab a Spears or James to replace him expecially if were compensated with a decent pick?

Why has Rolle dropped so far? Does the new PI rules scared people off of CB's so early in the draft?

i agree that cb is our 2nd priority... who will be there at 33 for us? jackson? washington?

Your thoughts on Derrick Hamilton

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