Steve Young's Touching Resignation- 06/12/2000
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There he stood - Thirty-eight years old and about to announce the biggest decision of his life. Today, June 12th will go down in history as one of the most memorable days of the 49ers organization. It was the day, when there second quarterback in a row, sure-in for the Hall of Fame, Steve Young stood in the front of the 49ers locker room and announced to family, friends, team mates, coaches, media and fans world wide to that after thirty years of playing football, 17 of which were at the pro-level, he was about to retire.

Young's announcement was anticipated, but the moment was touching nonetheless. On this day, Young spoke of his future, things he would miss about football, players he had played with and memories he created not only for himself, but also for the world as a whole. Somehow, Young kept his composure - but that's how he always was. Young was always able to do and say the right thing. He was willing to do whatever it took to make the team win, be it scrambling past a whole defense (see Minnesota 1988) for 49 yards and a touchdown, or tossing six touchdowns in the 1994 Super Bowl, Steve Young never quit.

He was not Joe Montana. No 49ers fan would ever say he was. Young did however etch his way into each and every one of our hearts, leaving behind memories of a glory we can only hope the team will once again realize. No, Steve Young was not Joe Montana, but he was Steve Young - and he should forever be remembered as the complete package quarterback. The man who changed what a team looks for in the draft and the man who changed how defenses had to play against the 49ers offense.

Steve Young was simply another dimension. He was what every quarterback wanted to be, and his competitiveness and perseverance are what got him there. Steve Young was not just a quarterback, he was a man that the everyone could turn to, a man who would not turn his back on the public, and a man who felt the need to donate generously to many charities, including his own "Forever Young Foundation".

Steve Young leaves the 49ers as a man who holds the record for most touchdowns in a Super Bowl, most touchdowns to the same player, highest completion percentage, highest quarterback rating, the best touchdown to interception ratio, a two time MVP, one time Super Bowl Winner, and a six time champion of the quarterback rating - breaking the 100 point mark 3 more times than even Joe Montana – and that’s not even looking at what he did leading the team on the ground. Nevertheless, that's not only how I will remember Young. I will remember Young as the man who promised to help others realize their dreams at his retirement. Clearly Young is even wiser a man than he was a football player.

Steve Young will be missed. To say otherwise would be a flat out lie. He did however make the right decision. No fan, not even a Cowboys fan would want to see Young unconscious on the turf for the seventh time in recent history. No fan would want him to risk his future, and on this day in 49ers History, Steve Young will forever be remembered as the class act he was, and not for whom he wasn't.
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