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49ers get ready for first division game against the Rams...10 October 2019, 10:16 amAs the 49ers get ready for what it will probably be there first real test of the season... A division game against the Rams, the team is going to have to find a solution to their injury woes. Despite some very significant losses this season coach Kyle Shanahan has been able to schdme around the deficiencies on the team, but how the team manages to offset the loss of both of their starting tackles who play at an extremely high level and the best fullback in the game who has a very versatile role in the offense will be the biggest question mar heading into this division test. 

One th...
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The Bye Week Agenda...25 September 2019, 9:23 amAt 3-0 the 49ers can feel pretty good about themselves heading into the bye week.  A strong record, that shows major progress over last year's team - but one that still has many questions floating around.  Namely, how good are the 49ers really?  If they are a good team, they have beaten teams they should have beaten.  Neither the Bucs, Bengals, nor Steelers (without Big Ben) are considered formindable foes.  The schedule gets more difficult as the team gets past Cleveland, and starts to face its divisional opponents, and in preparation for that, there are some key elements the team needs to fi... Read The Blitz
49ers Beat 'Bucs in Season Opener 2019...9 September 2019, 4:09 pmThey said it coudn't be.  They counted us out.  But here we are, 1-0 in 2019, with a win that showed just how much better we can be.  What can you make of a game, that had 5 touchdowns (3 for the Niners) called back?  That created as many interceptions as the Niners had all of last year, relying on two pick sixes to win the game?  That had the promise of a revamped defensive front, show flashes we haven't seen since the other #97 retired? 

It looks like many of the pieces the 49ers have needed to come together under Shanahan and Lynch are finally starting to do just that.  Come tog...
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Rounding out the 49ers Draft and UDFA activity...30 April 2018, 1:48 pmRounds 4 through 7 saw the 49ers primarily focus on defense, leading to a draft that was heavy on speed, and heavy on defense.  Of the 9 selections, the 49ers made, only 3 were offensive players, and one of those was selected with their last overall choice.

Day 3s rundown went as follows:

DE Kentavius Street, North Carolina State

CB DJ Reed, Kansas State

S Marcell Harris, Florida

DT Jullian Taylor, Temple

WR Riche James, Middle Tennessee State


In addition the team has already signed the following UDFA t...
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49ers close out the 3rd round with a DB...27 April 2018, 10:57 pmTavarius Moore has been climbing up draft charts since posting great speed times.  The Southern Mississippi Safety is 6'2", 190lbs and can run.  He's fast and fluid and excels in press coverage.  He is a raw player though, with big upside.  The type of player that has all the measurables and needs to learn to adapt to the NFL game.  There's a good chance the 49ers will try him at both safety and corner and see where he's a better fit.  The team clearly has a need in the defenisve backfield, adding Moore gives them some options.

Moore came on strong last season, finding motivation fr...
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An interesting day 2 of the draft...27 April 2018, 10:10 pmCoach Kyle Shanahan has been talking about receiver all offseason, and each time he does, he reenforced that great playmakers come in all shapes and sizes.  The 49ers moved up in the second round trading their 59th and 74th pick to the REdskins for the 142nd pick, and to select receiver Dante Pettis.  Pettis is a somewhat small receiver with the speed and shiftyness to get open.  He's a threat in the return game, and can put points on the board that way. 

The Washington receiver is 6'1", 185 lbs, and comes from a family of pro athletes.  Pettis will likely see time in the slot, and...
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Draft a tackle, trade a tackle...27 April 2018, 1:25 pmWith the 9th overall selection in the first round of the NFL Draft, the 49ers selected Notre Dame, offensive tackle, Mike McGlinchey, a momth of a man 68, 315 pounds.  McGlinchey has played on both sides of the line, and will be projected to compete for a starting spot from day 1.  The team recognizes Joe Staley is nearing the end of his career, and Trent Brown is rumored to be horrendously out of shape as hes been recovering from a shoulder injury.  The team immediately put Brown on the trading block.  With a massive investment in quarterback Jimmy Garopppolo, the 49ers are wise to invest ... Read The Blitz
Stage One of a Six-Year Project...22 August 2017, 4:19 pmBoth last week and this, there has been quite a bit of concern among writers and fans over the number of penalties. These range from scathing (Grant Cohn) to nonchalant (Tim Ryan).

I have a comparison of penalties during week two. I am analyzing from four perspectives:

I.   Number of Penalties
II.   Points Lost off Penalties
III.   Comparison of Penalties between Competing Teams
IV.   Comparison of Lost Points between Competing Teams.

I & II are per individual team. I have yet to analyze them yet in terms of several criteria:
A.   Roster tur...
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Trying not to get carried away? Look no further...9 August 2017, 5:31 amI'm probably not the only one trying very hard not to get carried away by all the positive reports coming from TC this year. So here follows a sobering and way early list of reasons to be positive and negative about the upcoming season.

Six reasons to stay negative:
As usual the schedule is brutal.
As usual, we dont have a franchise QB on the roster or even the promise of one.
We were a 2-14 team last year and looked the part.
1st year in a long-term rebuilding process.
Two rookies have upgraded the close to all-time worst defense from last year and tha...
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Football vs. Politics...9 September 2016, 11:17 pmI am white. I am very white. My great-great grandmother was a Churchill. Another ancestor came over on the Mayflower (jumped ship). George W turns out to be my 10th cousin, according to ancestry.com.

Kapernick sat.
Cant we just have football?
Then the spinners and the weavers, the bloggers, the deceivers all got going.
Leave politics out of my entertainment!

Not to be.
Quicker than a middle school choosing sides for capture the flag, we divided ourselves into green or...
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