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2013 49ers Paradise Draft Field

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise Draft Field.  Your one stop location for NFL Draft 2013 News!  This page will be constantly updated and will include real-time updates on draft day.  Be sure to follow the draft directly from 49ers Paradise.

2013 PICKS
Rd Sel Ovr Player Pos School
1*H 18 18 Eric Reid S LSU
2*A*K 8 40 Tank Carradine DE Florida State
2*L 23 55 Vance McDonald TE Rice
3*M 26 88 Corey Lemonier OLB Auburn
4 31 128 Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech
4 34 131 Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina
5*C 24 157 Quinton Dial DE Alabama
6*E 12 180 Nick Moody OLB Florida St.
7 31 237 B.J. Daniel QB South Florida
7 40 246 Carter Bykowski OT Iowa St
7 46 252 Marcus Cooper CB Rutgers

A- (2) 34. From Kansas City Chiefs for Alex Smith in conjunction with 2014 Conditional
B- (3) 74. From Carolina Panthers for in conjunction with 2012 (6) 180 for 49ers 2012 (3) 103
C- (5) 157. From Indianapolis Colts in conjunction with 2012 (4) 97 for 49ers 2012 (3) 93
D- (6) 173 and Colt McCoy from Cleveland for (5) 164 & (7) 227 [From Cincinnati for Taylor Mays]
E- (6) 180. From Miami Dolphins for in conjunction with (4) 103 and (6) 196 for 49ers 2012 (4) 97
F- (6) 199. To Baltimore for Anquan Boldin
G- (7) in 2014 From Carolina for Colin Jones
H- (1) 18. From Dallas for their (1) 31 and 3 (74) K- (2) 40 and (7) 216. From Titans as well as a 2014 third-round pick for 49ers (2) 34. 2013 L- (2) 55. From Green Bay for (2) 61 and (6) 173 M- (3) 88. From in exchange for picks (3) 93 and (7) 216 Trade Information (Draft Pick Value Chart):

2013 49ers Draft Picks Profiles
49ers Paradise Exclusive Draft Coverage


Round 1, Pick 18
Eric Reid, 6'1", 213lbs , S, LSU

Seeking a replacement for Dashon Goldson, and to add competition to the safety spot, where Dante Whitner is approaching the end of his contract and free agent addition Dahl is a question mark, the 49ers drafted Safety Eric Reid via a trade up in the draft with Dallas. A highly athletic player with natural ability who is comfortable playing on the big stage. He's durable, big bodied and has good speed to close on tacklers. Plays the run well and and is not afraid to dig into a player. He can make plays on the ball, but is not a real ball hawk. Reid also will have to learn to play disciplined football with the 49ers, holding containment. An overall good player who is better against the run then in coverage.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 2, Pick 40
Tank Carradine, 6'4", 276lbs , DE, Florida State

The 49ers add Tank Carradine, who some believed was a first round pick, after a trade down with the Titans who swapped picks in the 2nd round, sent an additional 7th in 2012 and 3rd in 2014 for the move up. Carradine helps the 49ers add depth to their defensive end spot and will challenge Ahmad Brooks and Parys Haralson for some play time along with Aldon Smith who is pretty secure in his role. The 49ers are expected to rotate their front 7 more this season as well. Coming off an ACL injury Tank will have to prove he can still utilize all his size and strength.

There is little question about Carradine's ability to rush the passer. He excels at exploding through blockers. The question mark is his experience and his injury - but the 49ers may be in a position to let Tank come along slowly.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 2, Pick 55
VanceMcDonald, 6'4", 267lbs , TE, Rice

The 49ers traded up with the Packers to select Vance McDonald. McDonald is very much a complete tight end, with a strong receiving game, who will compete for the second spot behind Vernon Davis. In replacing Delanie Walker the 49ers need a tight end who can block in space, catch passes and who has the speed and size to create miss-matches. McDonald is exactly that. He will have to prove himself in the NFL of course, but he is well suited for what the 49ers do, and what they expect out of their tight ends. McDonald will really benefit from learning from Davis in the blocking game - especially along the line, and will have to adjust to the velocity on a Kaepernick pass.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 3, Pick 88
Corey Lemoir, 6'3", 190lbs , OLB/DE, Auburn

The 49ers traded up with the Packers to select Corey Lemoir, another player who can rush the passer. He has the long arms the 49ers like in their pass rushers, and is versatile enough to play both sides of the field. He's a whistle to whistle player with a nose for the ball. Able to get in the backfield, drop into coverage, and make adjustments on the fly. Lemoir has some strength and flexibility issues that may take some time to groom in the NFL. Fortunately the way the competition is shaping p on the line, the 49ers may be able to use him in specific limited roles and ease him in to the game like they did with Aldon Smith.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 4, Pick 128
Quinton Patton, 6'0", 204 lbs , WR, Louisiana Tech

Patton was excellent value at this point of the draft. He's a really good route runner, quick - but not a burner type receiver and has a ton of character. Patton may struggle at times fighting for contested balls, but his ability get open and make plays on the ball, and his willingness to contribute as a blocker or decoy make him a great fit for the Niners. I believe he will have a hard time earning playtime given the 49ers depth at receiver... but he will certainly bring added competition to the spot.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 4, Pick 131
Marcus Lattimore, 5'11", 221 lbs , RB, South Carolina

Want to talk about a perfect fit? Talk about Lattimore who is coming of severe knee injuries but is arguably the best running back in the draft. Lattimore had to find a team that could be patient with him... that's the 49ers. Not only can they be patient in bringing him back to 100% health, but they also have Frank Gore - who had to do the same thing to make it in the NFL there to mentor him. Lattimore enters an ideal solution and gives the 49ers some insurance that their stable of backs is secure if and when Gore decides to hang up the cleats.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 5, Pick 157
Quinton Dial, 6'5", 318 lbs , DE, Alabama

Dial is a very raw defensive lineman who can play end, tackle and nose. He's a great athlete, and that combined with his character and versatility lead the 49ers to reach out to him in the 5th round. Dial has tremendous upside, and the 49ers should be able to ease him into the NFL - and we know the coaching staff is capable of building up defensive linemen. Clearly he's big and strong and that can go along way at the position.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 173
Nick Moody, 6'1", 236 lbs , OLB, Florida State

This draft was about getting players that can get after the quarterback. Moody is a highly versatile player who has played both sides of the ball and at the College level both safety and linebacker. The 49ers are going to like Moody on special teams where his athleticism can make an impact earlier in his career. He likely projects as a backup inside linebacker an area the 49ers need to really make sure they are comfortable with given its importance to their defense.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 180
B.J. Daniels, 6'0", 217lbs , QB, South Florida

Versatility and athleticism was the name of the game in this draft, and that's no different for BJ Daniels. The 49ers will use him as a gadget players if he ever suits up. They will let him play a slash like role in the offense, and were able to get good value at quarterback given the lack of run on them in the early part of the draft. Daniels could have the athleticism it takes to continue a Kaepernick like offense ... at least in practice.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 246
Carter Bykowski, 6'6", 306lbs , OT, Iowa St

Development depth on the offensive line is exactly what the 49ers needed and get in Bykowski ... who you guessed it - is an incredibly athletic and versatile player. At his size, not only did he play tackle, but tight end as well. Given the 49ers ability to groom raw offensive linemen it's quite possible that Bykowski manages to stick on the roster.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 252
Marcus Cooper, 6'2", 192lbs , CB, Rutgers

A true slot corner was something the 49ers fans were clamoring for - but that's not the type of corner Cooper is. Though reasonably fast, Cooper is a bigger corner who plays a bit better on the outside. In Cooper the 49ers will have a corner who could allow them to be a bit more flexible with the other corners on the roster when and if he gets on the active roster. More likely, a practice.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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