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2011 49ers Paradise Draft Field

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise Draft Field.  Your one stop location for NFL Draft 2010 News!  This page will be constantly updated and will include real-time updates on draft day.  Be sure to follow the draft directly from 49ers Paradise.

2011 PICKS
1 7 7 Aldon Smith DE Missouri
2 4 36* Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
3 16 80** Chris Culliver DB South Carolina
4 18 115 Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma St
5 32 163*** Daniel Kilgore OL Appalachian St.
6 9 182 Ronald Johnson WR USC
6 25 190 Colin Jones DB TCU
7 8 211 Bruce Miller DL Central Florida
7 36 239 Michael Person OL Montana St.
7 47 250 Curtis Holcomb DB Florida A&M
*The 49ers moved up from #45 to #36 by swapping picks with Denver and sending Denver No. 108 (fourth round) and No. 141 (fifth round)
** The 49ers swamped from #76 to #80 and added a 6th round pick in a trade with Jacksonville.
*** The 49ers traded up into the 5th round #163 with the Packers who get the 49ers 6th round 174th pick and 7th round 231st pick.

Trade Information (Draft Pick Value Chart):

2011 49ers Draft Picks Profiles
49ers Paradise Exclusive Draft Coverage


Round 1, Pick 7
Aldon Smith, 6'4", 263lbs , DE, Missouri
With the 7th overall selection the 49ers added Aldon Smith, DE Missouri. Smith has played mainly in a 4-3 system which is probably the biggest criticism of this selection. He has played DE and DT and will now likely be asked to play a rushing outside linebacker in the 49ers 3-4 system. Pass rush was a definite need for the 49ers and Smith was certainly a player on their watch list. He is still a bit raw, and will continue to add strength and learn to be better with leverage - particularly against the run. The key is he knows how to get to the quarterback and is quite athletic.

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Round 2, Pick 4
Colin Kaepernick, 6'6", 263lbs , QB, Nevada
There was no doubt that the 49ers would select a quarterback in this draft. I felt strongly the team would take one on day 2, and I still feel they may look to day 3 to add another. The 49ers traded up to land Colin Kaepernick a very mobile quarterback, who has the athletic instincts that Harbaugh continues to talk about. Denver got No. 45, No. 108 (fourth round) and No. 141 (fifth round) from San Francisco. Kaepernick is able to throw on the run, and has strong leadership and character. He is a bit of a project, which is further indication that the team will continue to try and bring back Alex Smith for a bit of year. Kaepernick needs to better match his lower and upper body to improve his accuracy particularly in the middle range passes. He is regarded by some as a better athlete than Tim Tebow, and is a proven winner.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 3, Pick 80
Chris Culliver, 6'0", 199lbs , DB, Carolina
The 49ers swamped 3rd round picks move from #76 to #80 and added a 6th round pick in a trade with Jacksonville. The move allowed them to draft Chris Culliver a defensive back. Culliver is a bit of a reach in the third round but the 49ers seem to be targetting very specific people in this years draft. Perhaps they could have dropped even farther and still got their man. He is well sized for a defensive back and fills a need for the the team. The 49ers like versatile defensive backs, that does not appear to have changed with the new regime. He will have to brush up on his run support, and really get a handle on the defensive schemes to contribute. He is very athletic though, something the team continues to look for in its draft picks. The coaching staff may believe they can coach the coachable stuff, but the raw talent is not something they can make a difference with.

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Round 4, Pick 115
Kendall Hunter, 5'7", 199lbs, RB, Oklahoma St.
The 49ers continued to draft for need in the 4th round selecting RB Kendall Hunter of Oklahoma St. Hunter had a very productive career in College and will likely specialize as a third down, change of pace type back for the 49ers - who are already set with Frank Gore leading the way. He's a quick player but does not have blazing speed - probably why he lasted until the 4th round. The 49ers will likely make use of his hands and ability to run tight routes in the West Coast derivative offense they will be running. Reasonable value in the fourth round.

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Round 5, Pick 163
Daniel Kilgore, 6'3", 308lbs, OL, Appalachian St.
The 49ers selected an offensive lineman after trading into the 5th round with the Packers. The offensive line is always in need of work, and in Kilgore the team has a big body, who excelled in a smaller school. Likely set to play guard, Kilgore is developmental player who knows how to punish an opponent. He needs to get better at keeping his center of mass in control, and playing with leverage. Better at the run than the pass, Kilgore was reasonable value in the fifth round.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 182
Ronald Johnson, 5'11", 203lbs, WR, USC
Although the 49ers have some depth at receiver there is certainly room for improvement, and some shuffling. Johnson is a smaller receiver but he's pretty quick and elusive. As can be expected from a 6th round pick he'll need time to develop - and that's something the 49ers can afford. Good hands, and makes some impressive plays on the ball.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 190
Colin Jones, 5'11", 203lbs, DB, TCU
The saying goes, that you can never have too many offensive linemen or defensive backs, and so the 49ers added Colin Jones with their final 6th round pick. Jones is fast, and is an all around good athlete. He was impressive in his work outs, and is regarded as a bit of a late bloomer as he did not really come on until his senior season. Jones will fight to get on the field at any DB position and will also play sepcial teams.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 211
Bruce Miller, 6'1", 254lbs, DL, Central Florida
The 49ers are thin at outside linebacker, with many players scheduled for free agency. Miller should be more of a depth player but depending on what happens with the free agents, and with Smith who was drafted in the first round - Miller could see significant action. He's good value at the top of the 7th round. He can get to the quarterback, and has speed and power. Like most pass rushers, needs work against the run. Could be more explosive and needs to be able to use leverage against bigger players. A smart player.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 7, Pick 239
Michael Person, 6'4", 299lbs, OL, Central Florida
With their penultimate selection the 49ers chose Michael Person an offensive lineman. Person is a strong character guy - the first where that seems to be his strongest point from this 49ers staff. He needs work on foot control, and body control. Also needs to improve his ability to play with leverage.

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Round 7, Pick 250
Curtis Holcomb, 5'10", 192lbs, DB, Florida A&M
The 49ers used their final pick, often known as the Mr. Irrelevant pick, on Curtis Holcomb. As I continue to say, you can't go wrong adding offensive linemen and defensive backs, and late in the draft that's exactly what the 49ers did. Holcomb will compete for playing time and if he makes the squad likely will do mostly special teams work, but when it comes to DB's you just never know. He could surprise us, or we could be forced to use him.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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