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22 Sep: Harbaugh: Bo didn’t know five-WR formations [SFC]
22 Sep: 2 arrested, others ejected after stadium brawl at 49ers-Cardinals game [MN]
22 Sep: 49ers report card against Cardinals [BEE]
22 Sep: Harbaugh on officiating: We never point any finger of blame [BEE]
22 Sep: 49ers lose their cool, their lead and the game [BEE]
22 Sep: 2 arrested, others ejected after NFL stadium brawl [BEE]
22 Sep: San Jose: Burglary reported at home of 49ers' Ray McDonald [MN]
22 Sep: Matt Barrows: Frank Gore Frustrated with 49ers 'Abnormal' Pass-Heavy Game Plan [BR]
22 Sep: Stevie Johnson a Bright Spot in 49ers Defeat [SF]
22 Sep: Harbaugh: 'Great Confidence' Team Will Bounce-Back [SF-VID]
22 Sep: Harbaugh: “It can appear that something’s working against you. I term it the football gods with a small ‘g’ not a capital ‘G’.” [PD-I49]
22 Sep: Week 3 Report Card: San Francisco 49ers [NFL-VID]
22 Sep: Jim Harbaugh, Bruce Arians weigh in on 49ers penalties [MN]
22 Sep: 49ers' Jim Harbaugh eyeing some quick fixes - Contra Costa Times [CCT]
22 Sep: Eagles center Kelce to undergo surgery [CSN]
22 Sep: Home of 49ers lineman Ray McDonald burglarized [BEE]
22 Sep: Identifying Biggest San Francisco 49ers Problems Entering Week 4 [BR]
22 Sep: NFC West Report: Seahawks Escape Broncos [SF]
22 Sep: 49ers' Jim Harbaugh eyeing some quick fixes [MN]
22 Sep: Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has different view than Jim Harbaugh on QB hits that drew penalties [MN]
22 Sep: Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has different view than Jim Harbaugh on QB hits that drew penalties [MN-HR]
22 Sep: Harbaugh Q&A: Our challenge is to get it fixed [MN]
22 Sep: Harbaugh doesn’t want 49ers to cry about fouls [SFC]
22 Sep: Harbaugh Q&A: ‘Our challenge is to get it fixed’ [MN-HR]
22 Sep: Two-game losing streak described by Harbaugh as natural ebb and flow to season [MN]
22 Sep: Two-game losing streak described by Harbaugh as natural ‘ebb and flow’ to season [MN-HR]
22 Sep: Jim Harbaugh Just Gave Us 8 Reasons to Look forward to Week 4 [SF]
22 Sep: Harbaugh: Willis saw what he hit, just as he's taught [CSN]
22 Sep: Harbaugh optimistic Davis will play for 49ers vs. Eagles [CSN]
22 Sep: Grading the 49ers' 23-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals [MN]
22 Sep: Snap counts: Gore’s meager numbers underscore 49ers personalty switch [BEE]
22 Sep: 49ers notes: Offense rolls out slick new look [BEE]
22 Sep: Colin Kaepernick Not Getting Enough Support Is Cause for Concern but Not Panic [BR]
22 Sep: 49ers Week 3 loss to Cardinals: Three positives [CSN]
22 Sep: Home of 49ers lineman Ray McDonald burglarized [CSN]
22 Sep: 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick denies report he used racial slur [MN]
22 Sep: Kawakami: 49ers' losses linked to larger issues [MN]
22 Sep: Cardinals only needed nine players to block 49ers field goal [CSN]
22 Sep: 49ers Week 3 loss to Cardinals: Three negatives [CSN]
22 Sep: ReFo: 49ers @ Cardinals, Week 3 [SF]
22 Sep: Anquan Boldin on refs: That crap cost us another game [NFL]
22 Sep: Rams TE Cook shoves quarterback, later apologizes [CSN]
22 Sep: Cardinals 23, 49ers 14: What you need to know [CSN]
22 Sep: New-look Niners: pass-heavy gameplan has SF up at half [BEE]
22 Sep: Report: Racial slur prompted penalty, fine on Kaepernick [BEE]
22 Sep: Frank Gore unhappy with 49ers' pass-happy approach [NFL]
22 Sep: 49ers snap count: Four WRs see more action than Gore [CSN]
22 Sep: NFL fans struggle with love of game, revulsion at violence off the field [MN]
22 Sep: Report card: Bad grades abound after second straight defeat [MN]
22 Sep: Report card: Bad grades abound after second straight defeat [MN-HR]
22 Sep: 49ers' new-look offense pays early dividends [MN]
22 Sep: 49ers-Cardinals Game by the Numbers [SF]
22 Sep: 49ers lose to Arizona Cardinals, 23-14 [MN]
22 Sep: San Francisco 49ers: Penalties, Lack of Discipline Lead to 2nd Straight Loss [BR]
22 Sep: The Faithful: The Opening Act [SF-VID]
22 Sep: 49ers Quick Hits: Gore phased out of gameplan [CSN]
22 Sep: Coaching Staff, Colin Kaepernick Continue to Hold Back San Francisco 49ers [BR]
22 Sep: How 49ers' Penalties Are Ruining San Francisco's 2014 Season [BR]
22 Sep: Notes: Cards adjusted after 49ers’ surprise opening [SFC]
22 Sep: 49ers' new-look offense pays early dividends - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
22 Sep: Notes: Wide receivers galore; Gore limited to 10 yards; Wilhoite forces late fumble [MN]
22 Sep: Notes: Wide receivers galore; Gore limited to 10 yards; Wilhoite forces late fumble [MN-HR]
22 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: Twitter Reaction and Postgame Quotes [BR]
22 Sep: 49ers 14, Cardinals 23: Grades [PD-I49]
22 Sep: 49ers can't pass test without two key offensive players [CSN]
22 Sep: Lynch, Seahawks escape with OT victory over Broncos [CSN]
22 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: Full Report Card Grades for San Francisco [BR]
22 Sep: Game Highlights: 49ers vs. Cardinals [SF-VID]
22 Sep: Anquan Boldin Speaks Candidly After Loss to AZ [SF]
22 Sep: Full Highlights: 49ers vs. Cardinals [SF]
22 Sep: Kaepernick denies making racial slur against Bears, doesn t let accusation affect his play vs. Cardinals [MN]
22 Sep: Kaepernick denies making racial slur against Bears, doesn’t let accusation affect his play vs. Cardinals [MN-HR]
22 Sep: Antoine Bethea: 'Can't Worry' About Refs Calls [SF-VID]
22 Sep: Anquan Boldin takes accountability for his penalty but wants officials to call it both ways [MN]
22 Sep: Harbaugh: 'We Have To Regroup in a Hurry' [SF-VID]
22 Sep: Ahmad Brooks: “Unbelievable.” [PD-I49]
22 Sep: Anquan Boldin takes accountability for his penalty but wants officials to ‘call it both ways’ [MN-HR]
22 Sep: Colin Kaepernick Performs Well in Defeat [SF]
22 Sep: Kaepernick: “I talk on the football field, yes I do.” [PD-I49]
22 Sep: Boldin criticizes officiating after 49ers' loss to Cardinals [CSN]
22 Sep: Harbaugh: “We’ve got to do a better job — coaches, players — of not getting those penalties.” [PD-I49]
22 Sep: Colin Kaepernick: 'We Should Have Won' [SF-VID]
21 Sep: Patrick Willis: 'We Make No Excuses' [SF-VID]
21 Sep: Final: 49ers again collapse in second half, lose 23-14 to Cardinals [MN]
21 Sep: Cardinals' D shuts down 49ers in second half [NFL]
21 Sep: 49ers lose to Arizona Cardinals, 23-14 - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
21 Sep: What We Learned From 49ers vs. Cardinals [SF]
21 Sep: Another week, another second-half no-show: 49ers fall, 23-14, to Cardinals [SFC]
21 Sep: Final: 49ers again collapse in second half, lose 23-14 to Cardinals [MN-HR]
21 Sep: Gamer: 49ers Second-half Woes Continue against Cardinals [SF]
21 Sep: Instant Replay: 49ers collapse, Cardinals move to 3-0 [CSN]
21 Sep: Perrish Cox Recovers Larry Fitzgerald's Fumble [SF-VID]
21 Sep: Cardinals 20, 49ers 14 — End of 3rd quarter [MN]
21 Sep: 49ers @ Cardinals live blog: Fourth quarter [PD-I49]
21 Sep: Cardinals 20, 49ers 14 — End of 3rd quarter [MN-HR]
21 Sep: 49ers @ Cardinals live blog: Third quarter [PD-I49]
21 Sep: Cowboys erase 21-point deficit, stun Rams 34-31 [CSN]
21 Sep: 49ers 14, Cardinals 6 — Halftime [MN]
21 Sep: 49ers 14, Cardinals 6 — Halftime [MN-HR]
21 Sep: Carlos Hyde Dives for the Touchdown [SF-VID]
21 Sep: Photos: 49ers play the Cardinals in Week 3 [SFC]
21 Sep: 49ers 7, Cardinals 3 — End of first quarter [MN]
21 Sep: Crabtree 2-yard Touchdown Catch [SF-VID]
21 Sep: 49ers-Cardinals: What to watch for [SFC]
21 Sep: Report: Kaepernick was fined for using racial slur [SFC]
21 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: Live Score & Analysis for San Francisco [BR]
21 Sep: Report: Official heard Kaepernick use slur vs. Bears [CSN]
21 Sep: Pregame report: TEs Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald both out; CB Brock, RT Davis still shelved [MN]
21 Sep: Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald won’t play; Derek Carrier to start [BEE]
21 Sep: TE Carrier will make first career start with Davis, McDonald out [SFC]
21 Sep: Vernon Davis Inactive; TE Derek Carrier to Start [SF]
21 Sep: Davis, McDonald inactive for 49ers vs. Cardinals [CSN]
21 Sep: Report: Kaepernick said N-word to draw penalty [MN]
21 Sep: Can a running QB like the 49ers’ Kaepernick be an effective pocket passer? [BEE]
21 Sep: Source: Carrier expected to start at tight end for 49ers [CSN]
21 Sep: Live updates: 49ers vs. Cardinals, Sunday at 12:30 p.m. [MN]
21 Sep: Vernon Davis won't play for 49ers vs. Cardinals [NFL]
21 Sep: 49ers game plan vs. Arizona [BEE]
21 Sep: San Francisco 49ers offense needs to show up after intermission [MN]
21 Sep: Fan comments on the NFL, domestic violence and child abuse [MN]
21 Sep: San Francisco 49ers offense needs to show up after intermission - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
21 Sep: Tight end trouble: 49ers promote Sacramento’s Cleveland from practice squad [BEE]
21 Sep: Forty Niner Way: Episode 3 [SF-VID]
20 Sep: 49ers DL Dial 'crafting game' after Justin Smith [CSN]
20 Sep: Roster moves suggest at least one of 49ers’ top two TEs will be sidelined [SFC]
20 Sep: Asante Cleveland promoted to help injury-plagued TE corps; QB Josh Johnson waived [MN]
20 Sep: Bruce Ellington s multi-purpose ability draws comparison to Freddie Solomon [MN]
20 Sep: 49ers Promote TE Cleveland, Release QB Johnson [SF]
20 Sep: Pain and perserverance: Skuta has overcome tragedy, long odds [SFC]
20 Sep: Levi's Stadium® Opening Game Time-Lapse [SF-VID]
20 Sep: 49ers notes: Vernon Davis runs but is game-time decision [BEE]
20 Sep: 49ers' Kaepernick looks healthy; Cardinals with play Stanton - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
20 Sep: 49ers' Kaepernick looks healthy; Cardinals will play Stanton [MN]
20 Sep: Baltimore Ravens knew of Ray Rice's punch of finance, hid the information for months, according to ESPN report [MN]
20 Sep: Justin Smith the Same 'Dude' after 14 NFL Seasons [SF]
20 Sep: Why the Secondary Is Key to the 49ers Week 3 Matchup with the Cardinals [BR]
19 Sep: Levi's® Stadium to Host Run and Fitness Challenge [SF]
19 Sep: Vernon Davis: 'I'm Always in Tune' with Game Plan [SF-VID]
19 Sep: 7 Locker Room Observations: Sept. 19 [SF]
19 Sep: Injury Report: Vernon Davis Questionable to Play [SF]
19 Sep: Live chat replay: 49ers look for a comeback performance [BEE]
19 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: Complete Week 3 Preview for San Francisco [BR]
19 Sep: Ellington rivalry renewed in 49ers-Cardinals clash [NFL]
19 Sep: Kaepernick lands on 49ers’ injury report [BEE]
19 Sep: PFF Preview: 49ers @ Cardinals, Week 3 [SF]
19 Sep: 49ers-Cardinals Game Could Prove Crucial to NFC West Hierarchy [BR]
19 Sep: Police: Woman grabbed gun at McDonald’s house in May [BEE]
19 Sep: 49ers notes: With Davis, McDonald ailing, Carrier may see more action at tight end [BEE]
19 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: What Are Experts Saying About San Francisco? [BR]
19 Sep: NFL Films Preview: 49ers vs. Cardinals [SF-VID]
18 Sep: How Jimmie Ward Can Have Success Against Cardinals [SF-VID]
18 Sep: Dave Rahn, former longtime 49ers' employee, dies - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
18 Sep: Vernon Davis limping; Derek Carrier ready to step up [BEE]
18 Sep: Ray McDonald questions keep coming for 49ers coaches [BEE]
18 Sep: Simms: 'No One Can Replace' Aldon Smith, 49ers Will Need to Be Creative [BR]
18 Sep: Are the 49ers Getting the Most out of Their Backfield? [BR]
18 Sep: Time Lapse Shows the 2-Year Process of Building 49ers' Levi's Stadium [BR]
18 Sep: Jerry Rice says 49ers should bench Ray McDonald - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
18 Sep: San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals: Betting Odds, Analysis and Prediction [BR]
18 Sep: San Francisco 49ers: How QB Drew Stanton Could Change the Arizona Cardinals Game [BR]
18 Sep: Dissecting Best Individual Matchups to Watch in 49ers' Week 3 Action [BR]
17 Sep: Andre Ellington: Foot Injury is 'Day-to-Day' [SF-AUD]
17 Sep: 49ers vs. Cardinals: Breaking Down San Francisco's Game Plan [BR]
17 Sep: Colin Kaepernick fined for 'inappropriate language' [NFL]
17 Sep: Bruce Arians: 49ers Are 'as Solid as Anybody' [SF-AUD]
17 Sep: Colin Kaepernick's Decision-Making Still Holding Back 49ers Offense [BR]
17 Sep: Why San Francisco 49ers Must Lean on Frank Gore in Week 3 [BR]
17 Sep: San Francisco 49ers: Taking Advantage of the Arizona Cardinals' Offensive Line [BR]
16 Sep: Dissecting San Francisco 49ers' Passing Woes from Week 2 Loss [BR]
16 Sep: Jim Harbaugh: 'I Know We'll Respond' vs. Cardinals [SF-AUD]
16 Sep: How the San Francisco 49ers Can Get the Most out of Colin Kaepernick in 2014 [BR]
16 Sep: How Abandoning the Run Ruined San Francisco 49ers' Chances for Victory in Week 2 [BR]
16 Sep: San Francisco 49ers: CB Jimmie Ward's Bad Night Covering Brandon Marshall [BR]
15 Sep: Breaking Down 49ers' Penalty Issues After Loss in Home Opener [BR]
15 Sep: 49ers Radio: First Place Up for Grabs in AZ [SF-AUD]
15 Sep: San Francisco 49ers: Why Week 2 Loss Falls on Coaching, Not Kaepernick [BR]
15 Sep: Colin Kaepernick calls play 'terrible' in 49ers' collapse [NFL]
15 Sep: ReFo: Bears @ 49ers, Week 2 [SF]
15 Sep: How Week 2 Penalties and Mistakes May Help San Francisco 49ers' Young Players [BR]
15 Sep: Bears mount impressive comeback to topple 49ers [NFL]
15 Sep: Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall spoil 49ers' home opener [NFL]
15 Sep: Harbaugh expresses frustration in loss to Bears [NFL-VID]
13 Sep: NaVorro Bowman begins sprinting portion of ACL rehab [NFL]
12 Sep: 49ers Radio: What to Know about Stadium Opener [SF-AUD]
12 Sep: PFF Preview: Bears @ 49ers, Week 2 [SF]
10 Sep: Marc Trestman: 49ers 'a Challenge to Soften up' [SF-AUD]
10 Sep: Matt Forte: Levi's® Stadium Will Be 'Hostile' [SF-AUD]
9 Sep: 49ers CEO Jed York Talks Levi's® Stadium Opener [SF-AUD]
8 Sep: San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh congratulates his team after their win over the Dallas Cowboys [NFL-VID]
8 Sep: ReFo: 49ers @ Cowboys, Week 1 [SF]
7 Sep: San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis intercepts Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo [NFL-VID]
7 Sep: Wk 1 Can't-Miss Play: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick goes deep to tight end Vernon Davis [NFL-VID]
7 Sep: San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver 35-yard fumble return touchdown [NFL-VID]
5 Sep: PFF Preview: 49ers @ Cowboys, Week 1 [SF]
5 Sep: 49ers Radio: The Making of New TV Shows [SF-AUD]
3 Sep: Jason Garrett Impressed by 49ers Play-makers [SF-AUD]
3 Sep: Tony Romo: 49ers 'Exemplify' Team Defense [SF-AUD]
3 Sep: 49ers Radio: SF-Dallas Rivalry Remembered [SF-AUD]
3 Sep: 2014 Preview: San Francisco 49ers [SF]
31 Aug: San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone ends holdout [NFL-VID]
31 Aug: San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald arrested on felony domestic violence charges [NFL-VID]
30 Aug: ReFo: 49ers @ Texans, Preseason Week 4 [SF]
29 Aug: What will happen to the San Francisco 49ers defense? [NFL-VID]
29 Aug: San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith suspended 9 games [NFL-VID]
29 Aug: 49ers rout Texans, but Gabbert struggles - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
26 Aug: 49ers Radio: Preseason Finale vs. Jadeveon Clowney [SF-AUD]
26 Aug: Jim Harbaugh: Aaron Lynch is a 'Personal Favorite' [SF-AUD]
26 Aug: 49ers announce roster cuts, injury moves - San Jose Mercury News [CCT]
25 Aug: Source: 49ers, Alex Boone still in contract stalemate - Contra Costa Times [CCT]
25 Aug: ReFo: Chargers @ 49ers, Preseason Week 3 [SF]
24 Aug: Cancer-stricken Cooper leads Dream into playoffs - Contra Costa Times [CCT]
20 Aug: 49ers Radio: What to Expect vs. San Diego [SF-AUD]
18 Aug: ReFo: Broncos @ 49ers, Preseason Week 2 [SF]
13 Aug: Fantasy Team Preview: Browns [FOX]
7 Aug: Fantasy Team Preview: San Francisco [FOX]
6 Aug: 2013 fantasy football draft advice [FOX]
1 Aug: Spice Adams Does It Again [GP]
29 Jul: Niners Redecorate Locker Room Door [GP]
26 Jul: Meet the Niners Meat Smoker [GP]
26 Jul: Niners Unveil Throwback Tickets [GP]
26 Jul: B.J. Daniels Has Cleats for Days [GP]
25 Jul: Morning Tailgate: Training Camp Begins [GP]
24 Jul: Morning Tailgate: Kaepernick Opens Up [GP]
23 Jul: Morning Tailgate: Lattimore Stays Patient [GP]
22 Jul: Morning Tailgate: Kap’s Jersey Sells [GP]
19 Jul: Morning Tailgate: NFC West Outlook [GP]
18 Jul: Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2.0 [FOX]
17 Jul: 2013 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2.0 [FOX]
16 Jul: Player cheat sheet 2013 NFL season [FOX]
10 Jul: Beware of Kaepernick, Wilson [FOX]
1 Jul: 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings Analysis [FOX]
27 Jun: Fantasy Football Draft Index [FOX]
25 Jun: 2013 Fantasy Football: Top 5 QBs [FOX]
7 Jun: Top 100 Players of 2013: NaVorro Bowman [SF]
25 Feb: The End of Steve Young’s Career and the Long 49ers Dynasty [4H-AC]
2 Feb: Three Pictures From the San Francisco Examiner’s Super Bowl 19 Preview [4H-AC]
23 Jan: A Look Back at Super Bowl XXIV (49ers 55, Broncos 10), the First in New Orleans [4H-AC]
14 Jan: Some Notable 49ers Games vs. the Falcons [4H-AC]
4 Jan: A Look at Playoff Scoring in the Five 49ers Super Bowl Seasons [4H-AC]
12 Dec: Jeff Fuller and the Post-Loma Prieta Game vs. the Patriots at Stanford Stadium [4H-AC]
10 Dec: 49ers Hit Milestones in Victory [SF]
23 Nov: Steve Young and Joe Montana, 1987 through 1992 [4H-AC]
16 Oct: A Short Statistical Summary of the Six Steve Mariucci-Coached 49er Teams [4H-AC]
1 Oct: A Short Statistical Summary of the Eight Seifert-Coached 49er Teams [4H-AC]
18 Sep: A Short Statistical Summary of the Ten Walsh-Coached 49er Teams [4H-AC]
14 Sep: Whitner’s Blog: Sunday Night Football [SF]
7 Sep: Looney's Blog: Ready for Green Bay [SF]
5 Sep: Whitner’s Blog: Season Begins [SF]
24 Aug: Whitner's Blog: Breaking Camp [SF]
28 Oct: Hunter's Blog: Mid-Season Form [SF]
8 Sep: Hunter's Blog: Season Begins [SF]
1 May: Aldon Smith to Outside Linebacker? [HOTN]
29 Apr: More thoughts on the NFC West day one draft picks [HOTN]
29 Apr: NFC West thoughts on day one of the 2011 Draft [HOTN]
27 Apr: Cream of the 2010 College Crop [HOTN]
25 Apr: Hooked on the Niners 2011 Mock Draft [HOTN]
8 Feb: I hate Aaron Rodgers! [HOTN]
3 Feb: Staley’s Musings: Back Blogging [SF]
20 Jan: Are we there yet? [HOTN]
5 Jan: On the Road with Rod: 2010 Recap [SF]
4 Jan: Josh's Journal: Focused on the Future [SF]
2 Jan: Points of the Game: Cardinals [SF]
31 Dec: Teams Talk: Jennings on Arizona [SF]
26 Dec: Points of the Game: Rams [SF]
21 Dec: How did the Falcons get so good, so quickly? [HOTN]
18 Dec: Niner-Charger post game thoughts….. [HOTN]
18 Dec: Audible Anyone? [HOTN]
17 Dec: Points of the Game: Chargers [SF]
15 Dec: Brunner's Blog: Bowl Season [SF]
12 Dec: Points of the Game: Seahawks [SF]
5 Dec: Points of the Game: Packers [SF]
30 Nov: Points of the Game: Cardinals [SF]
26 Nov: Teams Talk: Spillman on Arizona [SF]
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19 Nov: Eye on the Midwest: Trip to Wrigley [SF]
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